Types Cf Cosmetic SurgeryCosmetic surgery can be defined as a way to correct or restore anybody part.Earlier, this type of surgery was used on people who had suffered any type of severe burns, injury on any body part or are born with some ugly birth marks. But now-days this surgery is also carried out when anybody is not happy with a particular feature of the body and wish to change the size of shape of that particular feature to increase the overall look.
Cosmetic surgery is similar to plastic surgery but it is called as cosmetic surgery because it is carried out due to cosmetic reasons. This surgery can be performed on different body parts. Some of the main types of cosmetic surgery are discussed here:


RhinoplastyRhinoplasty is also called by the name nose job. Rhinoplasty is opted by people who want to alter the shape and size of their nose. The nose can be disfigured since birth or due to any accident. In some cases, this surgery is carried out to solve some of the nasal or breathing problems. The total cost of this cosmetic surgery depends upon the complexity of the surgery.


OtoplastyThis surgery is performed to correct the shape and size of ears. Some people have disfigured ears due to any type of accidents or complexities at the time of birth. Otoplasty is used in some cases when it affects the capability of hearing in any person.


BlepharoplastyThis surgery is for the betterment of the eyes. After going through this surgery, eyes become bright and well-shaped. The eyelids have to be lifted and a proper shape to the eyes is given in this surgery so that the patient does not look sleepy while the eyes are still open. This is one of the recommended surgeries for people who have droopy eyes.

Face Lift:

Face LiftWhen anybody starts feeling bad about the sagging facial skin then face lift is one of the best option. In this surgery, an excessive loose skin is removed with the help of an operation carried out by surgeons. Skin tightening is also done during this surgery which helps to get rid of any wrinkles. It gives you a younger looking skin. Face lift surgery includes surgeries for brow life, neck lift and cheeks lift.


LiposuctionDuring this surgery, excess fat from all the body parts like thighs, abdomen, arms etc. is removed surgically. This surgery can be done suing laser therapy, Mesotherapy and radio frequency etc… The choice of therapy depends upon the state of the patient and the budget. The results of this surgery differ from person to person.

Breast Surgery:

Breast SurgeryWhen any woman is not satisfied with the shape and size of their breast, then the best way is to go for breast implant. In this surgery, women who aspire for bigger breast choose breast implant which will increase the breast size. On the other hand, some women want to go for breast implant to decrease the size of the breast. Another category of women who goes for breast implant are females whose breasts are sagging and loose due to aging or breast feeding. A female who falls in this category go for breast surgery to get back the firmness and elasticity of the breast.

Hair Implants:

Hair ImplantsDue to excessive hair loss, many men and women are facing the problem of baldness. Hair implants are one of the popular cosmetic surgery these days as bald scalp is replenished with artificial hair. It is also known by the term hair weaving.

But all these cosmetic surgeries are associated with risks like necrosis, scarring, nerve damage, bleeding and some other ill effects of giving anesthesia to carry out these surgeries. So it is best to consult your doctor before choosing any cosmetic surgery.