Top six forms of contemporary dance musicA dance music is a type of music which is composed for any dance form. There are different types of dance forms as much as the types of dance music. All types of music can be molded to harmonize the limb movement with a particular human expression.
Any dance music can be a part of a large musical arrangement or of an entire musical piece. It totally depends upon the performance .The main two types of music to dace are live and recorded dance music. Read on to have a look at some of the best contemporary dance forms and their types of music used to dance.


The dance songs of the medieval French are called by the name ballares out of which ballad and ballet are formed. This dance music form is better known as the nightclub version for dancing in a ballroom party. A ballad dance is performed on slow western music. This dance is easy to memorize and best for marriage parties and other slow dancing forms at night parties. The steps used in the ballad are used as initial steps to learn an advanced form of ballroom dance. Some of the famous examples of this type of music are American pie and strangers in the night.


dance-typeIn 1912, this form of dance music is produced by Harry Fox on the stage of  Vaudeville in  United States. American Smooth is the main feature of this dance feel and it is done counter clockwise in a slow-quick-quick or in a slow-slow-quick-quick style depending upon the interest. More tango positions in this dance form were added by Arthur Murray. One of the primitive form of foxtrot was used to dance on ragtime. 4/4 is the time meter. Michael Buble’s Come Fly with Me is one of the best Foxtrot number.


The origin of Rumba dance was from the beats of the afro-Cuban and other steps in this dance form are the redolence of the Waltz. The main features of this dance music form are percussive rhythms of the traditional Afro-Cuban Rumba music. It is a slow and sensuous Latin dance performed in 4/4 meter. The basic step used in this is quick-quick-slow. The best example of this is straight to the number one.


This dance form is very closely linked to Mambo as some of the steps are closely linked to the footwork of Mambo which later moved on to a different rhythm. It is greatly influenced by Afro-Cuban music and Guaguanco. Salsa dance incepted in 1940s to Puerto Ricans in New York City. The two major styles of salsa that are used today are Latin American and North American Salsa  and both of these needs a 4/4 time meter to dance.


Samba is the national dance of Brazil and it symbolizes the Brazilian Carnival. It incorporates the African dancer jumps and affects it with some bouncy steps that are used in Latin style dance. This dance music form is experienced in 2/4 tempo. Enrique Iglesias’ Bailamos and  La Isla Bonita by Madonna’s are some of the most popular Samba dance songs.


The major forms of Tango are the American, Argentine , Uruguayan and the Finnish Tango. The American Tango is one of the most intense ballroom dance which is performed at a definite tempo to the count of eight. The moves of this dance form counter clockwise on the dance floor for the performance of the Tango form. The Argentine and Uruguayan Tango is performed to music that beats slow initially and then speeds up in between during the dance.