Top five Tools For Mobile App DevelopmentMobile app is very much a mandate in today’s technology driven world. Mankind has always searched for devices that could serve everything at once and although that is a far sighted wish into the future, humans have designed mobiles that might serve the basic all-in-one need.With large varieties of mobile app development tools that have made it possible for cross platform application for mobiles, it promises to create one that is compatible with several other devices. With so many differentvarieties to choose from, do not be afraid to unleash your inner creativity and ideas.Here are the top 5 multi-directional cross platform tools that you can absolutely devour.


RhomobileFrom offering Rhodes, that is technically an open source framework from Ruby to creating native apps, Rhomobile is one invaluable tool for your Smartphone. Developed primarily by Motorola Solutions, Rhomobile is capable of adapting to different screen sizes and delivering the best. The framework of Rhomobile gives you the flexibility to code only once and uses this code to build any major Smartphones. It further offers you RhoHub and RhoSync.


AppceleratorYou can trust the Appcelerator to provide you a Titanium Development Platform that helps you develop native mobile, desktop and tablet apps. Powering over 1,000 native apps per month, Appcelerator is capable of giving you easy access to over 300 APIs and other local information. Fitted with multiple development languages like Java, HTML, Ruby, Python, etc. it gives you the flexibility to choose your favorite.


PhoneGapAnother amazing tool that rocks your app world, PhoneGap has a wide range of platforms like blackberry, Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Symbian. Using this tool allows you to work with device hardware features like GPS locator, camera, accelerometer, sound, etc. It primarily uses development languages like JavaScript, CSS and HTML. It also seeks to offer you Adobe AIR app as well as online training courses that will most definitely help you access native APIs and create mobile apps developement on its own platform.


WidgetPadThis is a collaborative open source platform that can be customized for different Smartphones. However, it is generally used for Android, Web OS and IOS. It uses development languages such as JavaScript, HTML5 and of course, CSS3. This astonishing platform allows you to source code edit, collaborate, debugging, project management, distribution and versioning.


WhoopThough not the first choice as mobile app development tools for the developers, Whoop is certainly the most user friendly technologies of all times as it allows anybody with little experience about it. You do not need to be a developer to do a certain level of cross formatting and development. You can use a drag and drop function for your everyday functioning as well as export your app for using with various other operating systems. The Whoop Creative Studio boosts of being a WYSIWYG that lets you perform the drag and drop function. It also gives you the freedom to export your app in various formats.