Top five gaming laptops of  2013One of the most famous gadgets of today’s world is a laptop. Laptops now are easy to carry and people of all ages use it. When adults use of for work then kids also want it to use for playing games and internet surfing.With the increased popularity of virtual gaming, the world witnesses the need of gaming laptops. These laptops are made specifically for playing different types of high definition games. Now days, gaming laptops are available at an affordable price. Gaming laptops are not only made for efficient performance but they have to scream fast speeds that can be delivered with the combination of fast processors and amazing graphics that makes its portable.
A good gaming laptop is one that gives a high resolution display and takes you to the 3D world. Speakers are of very good quality that while gaming they give a serious punch. Some other features of a gaming laptop are they have a comfortable keyboard backlit and a design that moves the head with the help of customized lights. Check out some of the best gaming laptops that are available in different sizes and price range.

Alien ware 18:

Alien ware 18This gaming laptop is ruling the roost of the gaming notebooks. It has a fourth generation processor of Core i7 Has well, 18 inches in size, 1080p display with lightning effects on the keyboard. It is a12. 2 pound monster comes with a pair of pair of Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M GPUs. When you want to assault other things available in the room then Alien ware 18 is one of the best choice as it gives a feeling like everything is shaking. The only thing is that you have to bear the heavy weight and high cost of it. The range of this gaming laptop starts with $2,099.

Razer Blade 14:

Alien ware 18This is the world’s most slim gaming notebook. The Razer blade 14 squeezes an Nvidia GeForce GTX 765 M GPU.It has got high speed SSD.It is one of the latest gaming laptop with quad core Intel 4th generation core i7 CPU.The frame is of 0.66 inches and has got a high-end black aluminum chassis with a very good responsive keyboard. The speakers give a very immersive and rich sound. It is very portable in nature. The 4.2 pound blade 14 is very impressive. The price range starts with $ 1,799.

Alien ware 17:

Alien ware 17This is a very good gaming powerhouse that comes in a light show wrapping. It was launched with the updated design this year. The latest design of this gaming laptop includes new light strips to the anodized aluminium lid which softens the sharp edges of the earlier models. The other specifications are the same as of Alien ware predecessors. The haswell processor of Intel core i7, 1080p display, 17 inches screen and an Nvidia GE Force GTX 780 M GPU.The price is kept low to increase the affordability among all types of people. The price range starts with $ 1,499.

Lenovo Idea Pad Y510p:

Lenovo Idea Pad Y510pThis is one of the best budget gaming laptop as it comes at a price of $ 819.You will find all features of other best gaming laptops in this Lenovo Idea pad Y 510p.It is outfitted with has well processor of quad core Intel core i7, 1080p display, dual Nvidia GeForce GT 750 M GPUs.You can increase the storage to 1TB by paying a price of $ 1299.It offers a good gaming experience on a budget. This is one of the most suited gaming laptops for teenagers.

Samsung’s Series 7 Gamer:

Samsung's Series 7 GamerThis Samsung’s series 7 gamer made its entry recently into the American market. But the keyboard of this gaming laptop is designed to offer better gaming experience. Although it has 102 keys but the main gaming keys are in red. User can disable the windows and keypad key while gaming. The sound quality is effective with Dolby home theatre HD sound.1 TB hard drive is available with this gamer.