Top five contemporary art museums in the worldOne of the best ways to incorporate the art and culture of any particular generation is to explore an . There are various different types of art movements like Neo Classicism, Abstract Expressionism, Impressionism and Postmodernism. But for a common layman, these terms are not comprehensive. So the best plan to get into the art museums of a particular period is to explore any particular museum for its huge range of  collection. Various art museums are exhibiting different art styles. One of the popular and modern art styles is contemporary.

Contemporary art is the art that is between the period immediately after the World War 2 to till now. But these art movements also include the above given art movements. The best works of contemporary are depicted in contemporary art museums all over the world. Here you will get an insight into top five contemporay art museums present in the world.

New Museum of Contemporary Art in  New York:

New Museum of Contemporary Art in  New YorkThis museum was constructed in 1977.The location is 235, Bowery in New York. This museum was endowed by Marcia Tucker. This is the only museum that exhibits the contemporary art work. It showcases the artworks of well-renowned and less famous contemporary artists .It includes individual and group exhibitions that focus on lesser known artists like William Kentridge, Adrian Piper, Carroll Dunham , Paul McCarthy and David Wojanarowicz. This museum covers the art work of artist of across the globe.

Museum of Contemporary Art in Asia:

Museum of Contemporary Art in AsiaThis museum promotes some of the amazing contemporary art works. It was founded in 2007 in Hong Kong. The display includes the work of renowned contemporary painters and sculptors across the globe. Latest contemporary arts by emerging artist are also displayed in this art museum. It is not only about art displays of Moca Asia but also showcases different types of sculptures, photographs, installation of art and drawings. The name of two of the best exhibits in Moca are the Architectural Allegories and the Portraits of Nature by Mau Lim

Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago:

Museum of Contemporary Art in ChicagoThis art museum is located in Chicago and is one of the famous museums in the world. This exhibit contemporary painting, different sculptures, photographs and art installations. It has an unimaginable architecture which was architecture by German architect Josef Paul kleihues. It has an in-house theatre, eating joints and a book shop which is an added attraction.

Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney:

Museum of Contemporary Art in SydneyThis art museum holds the best contemporary art work of modern artists. This museum has the collection and exhibition of contemporary art of all the artists in Australia and across the world. It has the remarkable art collections like Maningrida Collection of Aborginal Art, The Arnott’s Biscuits Collection of Aborginal Bark Paintings and The Loti and Victor Smorgon Collection of Contemporary Australian Art. All this makes it as one of the best art museums across the globe.

The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Ridgefield:

The-Aldrich-Contemporary-Art-Museum-in-RidgefieldThis art museum is located in Ridgefield and is founded by founded by Larry Aldrich in 1964. It presents innovative, exciting and diverse contemporary artwork that is made by both emerging and mid-career artists. This museum has also sustained the relationship of music and visual art. It is one of the rare  non-collecting contemporary  and independent art museums in the United States.

All those people who love contemporary art and want to study it, then they should make sure that they visit these art museums and develop more appreciation for this form of art.