As we know drinking containing alcohol is harmful for our health, there are some same and others reasons why we should not drink alcohol.

1) Liver infection

Excessive consumption of alcohol may result in Liver disease. Alcoholism can finally outcome in cirrhosis of the liver, which decreases the liver to a non-functional organ, swollen, yellow and scarred and. Liver diseases because of taking alcohol has become a great concern in the health providers to give treatment their patient from such situation. Many health organization heart foundations take some measurements to prevent such diseases because of taking alcohol.

2) Vitamin Deficiency

Numerous vitamin deficiencies may results from extreme consumption of alcohol. With the consumption of alcohol may create deficiency of vitamins in our body like vitamin A, vitamin B-6, vitamin B-12 etc. from such deficiency one may fall in many silly diseases frequently. So everybody should avoid drinking drinks containing alcohol.

3) Learning and Memorizing Problems

Sometimes alcohol affect brain tissue and cause a sever effect on memory. As they unable to memorizing for a long time, after some time they forget every things. For a student’s it is so harmful taking alcohol as it may decrease his/her memorizing power. So drinking containing alcohol is very harmful for our body especially for student. Sometimes it may damage brain cell and frequently brain cancer occur.

4) Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

State University of New York stated that if any pregnant women drink containing alcohol it would be cause fetal disease for upcoming children. So this is high time to avoid alcohol. Many fetal diseases may occur like weak lungs, weak joint of bone of new born child. New upcoming child may weigh less than a normal baby. During a child birth government of USA has forbidden alcohol for it such fetal syndrome.

5) Dehydration

Drinking alcohol may result in dehydration and frequently it will be a common problem and a thread for their health. It will not be a good idea drinking alcohol before any kind of physical exercise. Many doctors explained that drinking alcohol may occur dehydration. Many studies say one may easily catch by dehydration.

6) Negative Effects on Relationships

Someone who abuses alcohol may fall many problems like involve in many domestics violence may become divorced as many specialist explained. Do you have any idea about alcohol’s effect on your surroundings? It also affects your close people and create a long distance among them.

7) Insufficiency Sleep

As alcohol contain some sleeping element, who drink regularly they cannot sleep for a while without alcohol. Once a continual drinker try to stop drinking alcohol they may be face some difficulties to sleep without drinking. Who were addicted and it’s become a necessary for them for every step of life. So we need to stop drinking alcohol urgently.

8) Academic Performance

In 2005 a study statistics of University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse reported that who are addicted in alcohol their GPA is poor than non-drinkers. It also stated who are living in with addicted people their GPA is also poor. As drinkers can fall an effect on non-drinkers and such way non-drinkers result and academic life would be worst.

9) Depression

You may feel relax after drinking alcohol, but it brings endless depression in your life. As people avoid all drinkers, he/she who drink fall in loneliness for a big time and as a result feel depression. About 65% depressed people drink alcohol.

10) Loss of Employment

Every company has a rules and regulation, if one violet them he/she will be fired. As a drinker cannot follow such regulation he will be fired certainly. So it also results in unemployment.