Tips to prevent heart disease in womenIt is a false belief that women are not susceptible to heart disease as men. They are equally prone to heart diseases. The only difference is that due to presence of menstrual cycles in women, they are protected from various heart diseases. This creates an alarming situation for women when they enter menopause. This is because the effect of estrogen declines and makes the body prone to heart diseases in women.

The death rate of women due to heart disease is more after 60 years of age when compared to death due to breast cancer or other deadly diseases. Lifestyle affects the health of a woman a lot and younger women in the age-group of 35-55 are more prone to health issues. So it is recommended not to ignore the health symptoms like fatigue or stress.

Some other best tips to prevent heart diseases in women are discussed here:

Quit Smoking:

Quit Smoking Although everybody knows that cigarette is injurious to our health but still people smoke. This warning is on the packaging of the cigarettes also.Cigarrette contains harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide and nicotine which makes the arteries narrow and blocks them. This obstructs the angina growth and formation of plaque and stops the flow of oxygen to the heart and other tissues.

The chances to avoid heart disease are more when you quit smoking. The chances to fall ill are more in females who smoke and take birth control pills. In case you are addicted to smoking, then ask your doctor to give you substitutes like chewing gums or skin patches and help you to quit smoking.

Exercise for Good Health:

Exercise for Good HealthExercise helps to make heart healthy and pumps regulated blood to the heart. All the muscles present in our body needs exercise for proper functioning. The heart is also a muscle. Therefore; it also needs a regular exercise which helps to replenish the worn out tissues and cells. The formation of plaque within the arteries is also reduced which ultimately controls the blood pressure levels and prevent heart diseases in women.

In case you don’t have time to exercise then try to exercise for just thrice in a week and become healthier from within the body. Yoga and breathing exercise can be done by old women and who have any health issues. Breathing exercises make us healthy by balancing the heart and lungs.

Go for regular Health Checkups:

Go for regular Health CheckupsHeart diseases in women can be prevented by getting regular health checkups done. These health checkups should be done at least once in six months. This is because our body undergoes minute changes from time to time which cannot be felt by any symptoms. So they should go for a complete health check up of their heart, blood sugar and cholesterol levels and blood pressure levels. Pap smear tests should also be done to detect any type of cervical cancer. They should take all the necessary vaccinations to prevent some deadly diseases.

Eat Healthy Diet:

Eat Healthy DietEverybody should choose a healthy diet. The healthy diet makes you remain healthy. Bad eating habits make you obese and under the trap of various diseases. So include fibrous and low fattening diet to prevent heart diseases in women. Always minimize the intake of sugar, red meat and alcohol and increase the self control while eating to get positive health results.

Stay Stress Free:

Stay Stress FreeAlthough the lives of everybody is under stress these days but you should always try to minimize stress as stress is the major enemy for all types of heart diseases in women. Stress leads to problems like palpitation, breathlessness, nausea, increased heartbeat which unfortunately increases the chances of heart attacks and other heart ailments. So try to stay calm and breathe gently as it is good for you to prevent any disease.