Muhammad Nafi, a two-week old baby, at the time of birth had an enormous tumor on his face.
His parents are taking donations to fund his surgery.
The skull on one side of his head has failed to attain a proper shape due to the tumor.
If the tumor is removed it’ll open-up his brain.

An Indonesian baby born recently has a giant-tumor blooming on the right side, instead of being rounded the shape of his head imitates a heart.

His head has bulged terribly that looks crooked.

His parents are seeking donations to finance his surgery.

His father Buasin, 32, is a farmhand who works in a secluded far off area of West Kalimantan.

Mrs Nafi stated: ‘I am puzzled and have left myself to my fate.

Muhammad is getting treatment in St Antonius Hospital in Pontianak, the capital of West Kalimantan province.

Mr Nafi added: ‘I’m in complete panic! I have lost direction with no choice left but to accept it

It’s a risky surgery; the skull on the right side of the baby’s face hasn’t formed properly, is open and has left his brain exposed.
Muhammad’s right eye is not functioning accurately, and it remains to be seen whether his other organs are working-well or not.

MailOnline is trying to figure out where donations can be sent.