“There are several communities in Washington that would love to have a bigger aperture, either optical or radar, to collect more (national security) data, so this creates a whole new opportunity. “But it’s unclear how SpaceX’s efforts to develop an even larger rocket, known as the BFR, will affect its near term plans for the Heavy. Musk said last year the Heavy would be used to launch two paying customers on a flight to loop around the moon by the end of this year, but that mission is on hold.

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canada goose A series of brutal murders rock a town. The party goes to investigate. A year ago, a necromancer tower appeared a mile outside of town. The biggest problems I have with Vikendi are that the circles almost always go center, and after first circle they don shrink much. Combined with the slow circle speed and the overabundance of compounds, it makes for a camp heavy experience. Also, even though the devs seems to want to force an smg meta for Vikendi, the map design itself lends itself better to AR/DMR imo with all the open spaces and fairly flat land canada goose.