Sun Salutation: The wonderful Yoga exercises

Yoga helps us to lead a healthy and sound life. If you think about your healthful life definitely yoga helps you a lot. There are some influential yoga which may help you to lead you a peaceful and sound life with a good health and fresh mind. Early rising has good profits in healthy life. And an effective sun salutation gives you a good health definitely. Each salutation makes refresh your mind. Every part of sun salutation has two steps. In second step you need to repeat the same part again. After taking a sun salutation you may lead a beautiful life for next 10 days definitely. Now let’s see some sun salutation which may give us a peaceful and healthy life. 

How to Do a Basic Sun Salutation?

Step one: Prayer pose

Ready your mat and stand up at the periphery of your mat, your weight must need to keep in balance then stay your feet together. Than relax your solder and swell your chest. Your palms need to keep together to the prayer position, when breathing your arms needs to lift from sides and as you breathes out.

Step two: Raised arms pose

While breathing your arms needs to lift from sides and as you breathe out. Then need to keep your bicep near to ears. Keep the position and to elongate the entire body up beginning the heels to the tips of your fingers.

Step three: Hand to foot pose

Now breathe out maintenance the spine upright, curve frontward from the waist. Completing that next to the feet, fetch the hands downward to the ground. You may curve your knee if you think it is essential.

Step four: Equestrian pose

When breathing as far back as feasible, drive your right leg back. Then your right knee keeps to the floor and look forward. Your left knee need to keep within palms.

Step five: Stick pose

When breathing as far back as feasible, drive your right leg back. And your entire body keeps straight. Your arms need to keep perpendicular to the ground.

Step six: Salute with eight parts or points

Smoothly pass your knees downward to the ground and breathe out. Your hips need to keep slide forward, straight, relax your chest and jaw on the ground. Move up your posterior modestly. Your feet, legs all touch the ground.

Step seven: Cobra pose

Slide frontward and move up the chest hooked on the Cobra position. You need keep your elbow curve in this position.

Step eight: Mountain pose

When Breath out pick up your hips and chest downhill in a reversed V position. Then keep your heels on the floor and give a mild attempt to raise the tailbone upbeat, going deeper into extend.

Step nine: Equestrian pose

Then again breathing in, between the two hands fetch the right foot need to forward. Keep knee downward to the ground, push the hips downward and look forward.

Step ten: Hand to foot pose

Transport the left foot frontward while breathing out. Lift your palms on the ground. If you find that it is necessary, you need to curve the knees.

Step eleven: Raised arms pose

Curve your backwards a little bit and hands keep up while breathing in and push your hips somewhat outer. Make sure that beside your ears you keep biceps.