Seven Relation ProblemsFew bumps on the road are experienced by every couple in their relationship.Now if you will recognize these bumps on time then you can save your relationship on time.It is true that every relationship has its ups and downs and successful couples have learned to how to keep their love life going by tackling these problems and getting out of the complex issues of everyday life.Some of the main relationship problems and the strategies to overcome them are discussed here:


Relationship Problem #1 Communication:

Relationship Problem #1 CommunicationOne of the main cause of relationship problems is lack of communication.This problem is on the rise as nobody can communicate properly while checking smartphones,watching television or going though any magazine.So ,to get rid of such problem,a couple should make appointment with each other to meet and talk.If you are living together then put the cells phones and other gadgets away,let the kids sleep and spend some quality time together.Always set some rules and avoid using baning phrases like You always or You never do this etc.Avoid nodding and use body language whenever possible.


Relationship Problem#2 Sex:

Relationship Problem#2 SexAlthough some partners loves each other so much but still they can be incompatible sexually.This can be due to lack of self awareness or educational components.Sex is very important in a relationship as it releases hormones that are needed by our body physically and mentally.It helps to keep the chemistry of a healthy couple moving ahead.So to get out of this relationship issue,you should plan and plan.Avoid planning it for night as everyone may be tired.A good time is during the baby’s satuurday afternoon nap or before going to work.Try to increase your sexual enjoyment by trying out different ways to increase the pleasure.If still you are not able to get of the sexual relationship problems then consult a sex therapist to get this issue resolved.

Relationship Problem # 3Money:

Relationship Problem # 3MoneyMoney problems may start anytime in a relationship.Money is needed for the courtship expenses,wedding and then to meet the daily expenses of a living.But you should made a strategy to get out of the money problem.Be honest to your current financial situation as maintaining the same lifestyle when you are short of funds is not possible.Avoid hiding income and debt and make a joint budget to overcome with the problem and utilize your savings accordingly.Plan the needs of everybody in the family in financial terms and fix up your short term and long term goals.

Relationship Problem#4  Relationship  Priority:

Relationship Problem#4  Relationship  PriorityKeeping the relationship on priority is another important thing to keep your love life going ahead as relationship loses luster if it’s not on priority .Always respect each other and plan dating nights.Give apprecaitauon gestures and compliment each other and do things that you were doing on your first date.

Relationship Problem #5 Conflict:

Relationship Problem #5 ConflictAlthough, occasional conflict is an unavoidable thing but excessive conflict at all times will lead to serious relationship problems. So try to resolve the conflict as soon as possible  and the conflict resolution skills will help you to get out of the conflicts easily. Avoid using comments that are blaming and hurtful, direct yourself to a resolution. Avoid responding in a manner that will bring pain and unhappiness.Before defending yourself,let the partner finish speaking and this hold off will surprise you that a small shift in tempo will change the whole tone of the conversation.

Relationship Problem #6 Trust:

Relationship Problem #6 TrustTrust is an essential thing in all relationships.So whenever you see certain types of behaviors that make you not to trust your partner or you have any unresolved issues that is affecting your trust then talk to your partner.Start coming back to home on time,be fair at times of an argument,understand the emotional state of your partner’s mind.Inform your partner when you will reach home late or you are going somewhere so that it again develops the trust.Avoid feeling jealous in situations.Use more humour and let the doubtful things go away gradually.

So ,be ready to work on your relationship problems.Don’t think that you can get along well with someone else as untill and unless you address the problems,the same lack of skills to maintain the relationship will come to another relationship also and will cause problems,no matter what type of relationship you are in