Schedule-for-Fitness-workGetting your body into shape and to build an enduring body is a strenuous task especially when you have to do plethora of work . A well designed fitness workout is required to develop a flexible and toned body. The best fitness workouts start with stretching followed by cardio, weight training, strength training and a combination of yoga and breathing exercises.These are discussed in detail here.

Pre-workout schedule:

The first step in any fitness workout schedule is to do stretching exercises. Stretching tells your muscles that a workout is about to start. It helps to avoid cramping of muscles when we start a workout. Regular stretching exercises helps to lose weight and tones the body. It also avoids muscle pulls and cramps.

Cardiovascular exercises:

A good workout routine always has a combination of cardiovascular exercises. It can be running, jogging, walking or cycling. But in case you have any knee problems then you should avoid running, jogging and skipping as it is tough for the knees to bear the pressure. The key while doing these exercises is to maintain a consistent speed and go for a longer distance. Most of us make a mistake by running at a good speed which they cannot maintain for long. The best way to increase the stamina is to come out of your comfort zone and continue exercising even when you are feeling tired.

Muscle exercises:

A good fitness workout plan always have few muscle specific exercises to tone the body faster. Muscle exercises can be abs workouts and flat stomach exercise which works on the abs and back as well. These exercises reduce the extra flab on the back and shoulders also. Avoid straining yourself and do 25 crunches, 25 push-ups and 25 sit ups regularly in the arm and leg muscles. The number of repetitions can be increased after fifteen days as per your body’s stamina.

Yoga and breathing exercises:

A combination of yoga and breathing exercises improves lung capacity when done on a regular basis. It also helps to calm down the nerves and reduces stress in our busy lives. Yoga exercises like surya namaskar helps to tone our body and is very good for people who want to lose weight. It gives glow to the skin also.

Strength training:

Strength training is like aerobic exercise. It should be started after the warm up sets. The strength training helps to burn excess fat from the body. The dynamics of the body strengthens with the help of strength training. Some of the variations that can be done under strength training are forward kick, leg bends, lower body raises, side bending and side leg lifts.

Weight training:

If you are looking for core strengthening from your fitness workouts then weight training is the best. Weight training can be done by women also and it is a misnomer that females should not lift weights. A perfectly lean body is possible by alternately doing aerobics and weight training. You can do a combination of weight training exercises like knee dip with weights, chest and shoulder stretch with dumbbells, side dips with exercise ball and skating bends.