You can remind students that grades are like Monopoly money: valuable while the game is being played, but worthless afterwards. You can remind them that if they accept a “good” grade as a reasonable substitute for the skills and knowledge they should be building while they spend their youth in classrooms, they ripping themselves off. Most won care at first, but persistence will help move that mountain..

high quality Replica Hermes Its not the sims.My post was primarily critising you yes, because you are acting like a victim when in reality what happened to your daughter is your fault, instead you are blaming the griefers for being terrible people which they are but the thing is you cant control what others do but at the end of the day: YOU allowed your impaired daughter to play a mature game, YOU didn’t check the patch notes to ensure camps cant be destroyed. While i feel terrible for her YOU put your daughter in a situation where this could happen and it did.You can take my advice or not that’s up to you. Maybe you will get the rules changed, maybe you wont but imo whats the point of a fallout game if there is no conflict no raiders and no wasteland brutality.WhosThatGrilll 1 point submitted 5 days agoOh they are indeed. high quality Replica Hermes

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