Health And SafetyOccupational health means to identify and control all types of risks in an occupation like physical, chemical and other workplace health hazards. The purpose ofoccupational health is to maintain a safe and healthy working environment for the employees of the organization. Some of these hazards can be exposure to chemical agents, solvents, heavy metals like mercury and lead, physical issues like loud noise and vibrations and other hazards like dangerous working equipment and electric current.

Most of the times people are spend in the workplace. It is only at work that they exercise their talents and use their skills to fulfill the objectives of the workplace and for the company welfare. They need motivation to work which is enforced by the positive work atmosphere and safety.
Importance of occupational safety

occupational safetyThe main objective of occupational health is to deal with the health, safety and welfare of the employees during their employment. It safeguards the lives of all people that are working in an organizational environment. It holds an important place in the workplace as the family members and dependant’s health is also responsible on the workplace environment.

When there are no occupational safety measures in any organization then it penalizes the government as the State has to incur the compensation cost of employees, any type of medical expenses. The employer may have to pay any kind of economic losses as compensation is some cases. Another reason for occupational health is that customers and employees loses the goodwill of the organization in absence of occupational health and safety measure in the organization. When any organization uses the services of human beings then it becomes their moral responsibility to take care of safety and health of the employees.

Factors affecting occupational health

 occupational healthAn important factor that affects the occupational health is the need for safety. After determining the needs of safety, some effective measure to ensure it should be formed. The employer should distinguish between a hazard and a risk  as the hazard is a threat to the health of a human being and the risk is the probability of the contingency to a specific conclusion.
After identifying the risks and hazards from the organization, one should evaluate the risks and determine the other safety measures that are required to be provided by the employing organization. The right amount of risk can be calculated after analyzing  the risk factors and the severity of these risks to the health of the employee. Revise these risks from time to time and make some amendments to the occupational health plan.

Workplace hazards of occupational health                                                                                                                        

Occupational health is affected by various workplace hazards.These hazards can be working equipment injury,physical injury from any accidents in organization.Presence of harmful chemicals,radiation,pollutants and  harmful bacteria and viruses poses threat to the worker’s life.Excessive noise from machinery,excessive air or water pressures and artificial temperatures poses threat to the well being of the workers.Some other intangible or psychological risks that also comes in the category of occupational health are work-related stress, bullying,verbal harassment,sexual abuse etc. So while planning the safety measures for occupational health ,all these hazards should be considered properly.

Implementation of occupational health and safety plan

Now,after designing an occupational health and safety plan,its implementation is very important.All planning of risks,hazards and other safety measures is of no use until and unless,it is put into effect.So to ensure occupational health,employing organizations should construct practically feasible measures and they should be followed strictly as the human life is priceless