Latest I phone - apple iphone 5S and 5C handsetsApple has uncovered two new iPhones which include a cheap plastic version that is available in bright colors and other high-end device that has in built fingerprint scanner.
IPhone 5c will cost around $739 and is available in five radiating colors like blue, green, pink, yellow and white.The color choice of iPhone 5S are gold, silver and gray in the price range of $869.
Both of these phones are available from Apple as well as Telstra, Optus and Vodafone from 20th September and will work on all 4g LTE networks.
The telcos of Australia have yet to unveil their plans for the launch of these new handsets but in United States 5C will be available for $US99 by signing a two year contract.
Both of these new handsets were launched by the Chief executive of Apple Tim Cook  in Cupertino , California at the headquarters of Apple. The strategy behind this is to reach to a broader range of customers all over the world. The idea is to give it to big business men who should replace their handsets with these two new designs.But the high prices still need customers to pay more money for an iPhone 5S.

Features of IPhone 5c:

Features of IPhone 5cThe iPhone 5C is launched to become competitive with other low cost Smartphones of rival companies which uses the Android operating system of Google.
But the designer Jonathan Ive of iphone 5C states that although it is fairly priced but still the steel framed body will make it look beautiful.It is designed by keeping in mind that iphone 5C will give you the same feeling as other iphone s.
This iPhone 5C of memory 16GB will cost $739 in Australia and 32 GB will cost $869.
The other features of this phone include 4 inch Retine display, 8 MP rear cameras and a chip of the A6.
The motive of this launch is to win Chinese phone buyers and other developing markets in which the low –priced Smartphones are available.

Features of IPhone 5s:

Features of IPhone 5sThe high –end iPhone 5S is available in gold, silver and gray color and it has a 64-bit A7 chip which the company says makes it more effective and improved performance over iPhone 5.
A fingerprint –sensor technology that is placed on the home screen button of iPhone 5S so that people can use it to unlock their phone and purchase from different applications from iTunes and Apple’s app store.
As is iPhone 5C, the 5S also have a 4-inch retina display and 8 megapixel camera that can catch and record videos in slow motion and can be used in other photographic modes.
In Australia, the price will start at $869 for 16GB memory and $999 for the 32 GB model. For people who wants more space can go for 64 GB model that will cost around $ 1129.

Mobile software of iphone 5S and 5C handsets:

Mobile software of iphone 5S and 5C handsetsThe mobile software of these two handsets is also revamped with the launch of iOS 7 which will be available on new iPhones and a free update is available for the existing version of iPhone, iPads and ipds from the 18th of September.

Other Features:

Siri-the digital assistant is improved and can take information from Twitter and Wikipedia and is available in both male and female voices.

Control Centre:

Control CentreA new control center can be swiped from the bottom of the screen. It will help the users to access quickly the phone setting of wifi, Bluetooth, music player and camera. Also the center of notification is visible from the phone’s lock screen.

Airdrop feature:

Airdrop featureAn AirDrop feature which exits on apple laptops helps to share content with other iPhone users. The camera with filters is more popular as apps like Facebook-owned instagram can be used.
So we can say that iOS7 is a redesigned version of existing operating system with a new user interface and more than 200 features. Users will take some time to get familiar with all these features and can enjoy a completely new device.