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Breaking Bad’s’ Dean Norris on apprehending His Shocking Scene in One Take and His Plea to the Writers:

Dean Norris The actor discloses a totally different way on the death of his character that initially was going to happen. But then he begged for a final call to his onscreen wife and said: “I don’t want to cause her any more suffering and pain that I have to.”
Then the fans of the Breaking Bad said goodbye to the Dean Norris on Sunday in the most eventful episode of the series. This was in reality a fed back into the loop of the scene as Hank at the same time saying goodbye to Walt.

He also tried to condemn his close up shots in which he was talking with Uncle Jack (Michael Bowen) and Walt in just a single shot.

When Dean Norris tried to talk to director Rian Johnson then also he said “Only a single face exists with Walt and other bad guys, but either ways, he has to die. So why not have three cameras? He further stated that some other takes can be used for bigger shots but close-up shots should complete in a single take. In response Rian said “Ok, this shows the way you should die so let’s move on! I’m almost done with a half day.”

Lily Rabe Cast In ‘Hunger Games:

Lily Rabe Cast In 'Hunger GamesMockingjay’ As Commander Lyme
In the Mock Parts I and II“The Hunger games”, is joined by the actress Lily Rabe, according to the Lionsgate.

Rabe is famous for her best work in FX series of “American Horror Story”.she will play the role of Commander Lyme who in past Hunger Games was a victor turned rebel leader.
You can see the full details of the role of the Lyme’s on the books available in Wiki site.The character will revolve around as a middle aged woman while Lyme is just 31 years old which is explained by the author Susanna Collins.
“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1” is has to be released in theaters on Nov. 21, 2014.

Aaron Eckhart to Star in Micro budget Horror Thriller ‘Incarnate’

This film will be directed by Brad Peyton of “Journey 2:

This film will be directed by Brad Peyton of “Journey 2The Mysterious Island”. It will be shot in the month of November.
Blumhouse productions are making a plan to launch a series of horror to the Insidious: Chapter 2 which holds a coming off the $40 million.
Aaron Eckhart will star in the micro budget horror movie .It is under the direction of Brad Peyton, whose last direction was Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.
The script of this movie is written by Ronnie Christensen.Blumhouse productions further said “an unconventional exorcist who can tap the subconscious of the possessed can meet with his match when a boy of nine years is possessed by a demon from his past.
The financers of this movie are Blumhouse and IM Global and this is scheduled for release in the start of November.
The foreign sales will be handled by Blumhouse International.