Jennifer Lawrence Starring in ‘East of Eden,’ under the Direction of Gary Ross

Jennifer Lawrence Starring Jennifer Lawrence is all set as the star of the upcoming film that is based on one of the beloved novel. This picture is named as “East of Eden”
This actress aged 23 years will again reunite with Director Gary Ross who had directed her star making film “The Hunger Games”. This story will be complete in two films.

The story of this film revolves around two sons who compete with each other to get the attention of their father who is a farmer. Jennifer will be playing the role of Cathy Ames in this film who is the cruel mother of the two boys and the antagonized wife of the farmer.

So guys, what do say about this coming up the release of Jennifer Lawrence’s new role?

Katie Holmes Talks Mac & Cheese, Fashion & “Sweetie” Suri Cruise!

Katie Holmes Talks Mac & CheeseKatie Holmes makes a mean macaroni and cheese which is only getting better day by day. She further stated “I cook a fair amount. I do a Mac and cheese”. She said this at the Hellmann’s 100th year and collaboration with Feeding America celebrated yesterday. Although she stated that mine may be not the best one and there always remain space for more growth and improvement and she keeps on getting some of the best tips which makes her feel happy
But in recent times, Home is much focused on her fashion statement as featured during Fashion Week rather than her cheesy dishes.

Ke$ha: Multi-Colored Hair for Rhode Island Concert!

Ke$ha: Multi-Colored Hair for Rhode Island Concert!Ke$ha comes up with a new look for her by the multi-colored hair. She has done so for a concert at the University of Rhode Island which was held at Ryan center last night (25th September).
Check out the latest pic of Ke$ha. She also wrote on her Twitter account “Animals!!! Who is coming to Rhode Island tomorrow””RT this and get us texts and you might get a signed book of mine”
One day before this event she was spotted at the Bowery Hotel in the Lower East side in the neighboring area of NYC.

Lamar Odom Buddies stated “He Did NOT Write Angry Tweet to His Dad”

Lamar Odom Buddies Lamar Odom did not send any type of Tweet in which he rummages his father and snuggled the Kardashian Family. Lamar supposedly reciprocated his dad who had confounded The Kardashina for inducing Lamar into drug addiction and other problems.

Sources who hold the first hand information about the actions of Lamar’s tell us that he didn’t send any tweets. In fact, Lamar said that he has no internet connectivity and he wants to live in that way only. We got the information that Lamar becomes a paranoid when anyone comes to know about his whereabouts by just tapping his phone. He has a 15 second rule as no one can be on his phone for more than this time.

And one more thing-when anyone enters his house, then he confiscates their phone at the door only.
This was although a short story-further information stated that Lamar even is not known about what comments his dad made and the tweet Lamar supposedly wrote was a bogus.