Latest Android Version   Android KitkatGoogle has amazed the world by broadcasting the news of the launch of the latest version of android. This latest mobile operating system will be known as Kitkat to honor the developers who are munching to create it.
It is named as Kitkat as it is one of the yummy chocolate that is favorite among many. This statement is given by Marc Vanlerbegghe who is the director of the Android.
This name is also helping Google to keep the tradition of naming different versions  of the leading systems on sweet bites. But these nicknames have to be trademarked and The name kitkat need approval by Nestle.
On an average, fifty million Kitkat bars that are branded under the name of  Google’s green Android will be  given which will give a chance to the customers to win gifts like a Nexus 7’’ tablet and it will credit to the Google Play store. It is also a plan to ship a less number of root-shaped Kitkats as a surprise for customer.
The company is also making all the efforts to make Kitkat website which has revamped to give a look like that of a tech company that has to roll out a sleek new piece of electronics.
Chris Caitlin, Kitkat’s chief breaks officer has given a statement”
“Every corner, every edge, every finger of every bar has been carefully considered and crafted to create a beautifully impressive and multisensory experience,”which is different from the Apple ones that are used for building excitement in newer products. The slogan “There’s a KitKat for that” will appear on the tablet screen.
The director of Android global partnership has said to the BBC that the Nestle deal is not a money changing hands kind of deal. Rather it was a dream of chocolate lovers and is developed by them who have kept Kitkat with other snacks for their break between coding.
The Android team was not even aware  that the latest version of android will be owned by which company. But the team called the switchboard of Nestle’s advertising agency in November for floating this idea. The very next day the deal was sealed between them in a conference call.
To persevere the secrecy of the latest android version, the name kitkat was not used and rather the team continue to call it as the “ Key lime pie” as every move of big tech companies is observed and they have to maintain surprise.
The android was also developed by the team using desert names since its release in 2009.Some other iterations of it has been named as Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean.
Now you will get all types of features,technical specification and the need of updating inu x kernel  here:
The report of Android central states that this version of Android will bring a new Linux kernel and it has to support lower RAM on NVIDIA Tegra and Samsung Exynos chipsets, support with flash friendly file system and less memory requirements.

Android 4.4 KitKat Features:

Android 4.4 KitKat FeaturesAlthough the features of 4.4 Androida Kitkat are not clear but Google have hinted some features that people can expect from the latest version of android.

  • Improved sensors with lesser requirements for energy
  • Improved processing unit for core support
  • Better orientation for portrait and landscape screen
  • Cloud based storage for exclusive android users
  • Greater coverage of network
  • Increased compatibility with accessories
  • More refined systems and its software
  • Edge to edge display of the screen
  • Compatibility of network globally
  • Better and enhanced battery life
  • Power to support older android devices

Technical specification:
Technical specificationsFor a better core support via Linux kernel, this version will add more on upcoming nexus devices. To give better support to the improved Linux kernel, Kitkat 4.4 have better dimension .
Although Andorid 4.4 will include several features of Android 4.1,4.2,4.3 jelly beans. But some other system features will include:
–          DRM APIs

–          OpenGL ES 3.0 for 3D rendering and improved graphics

–          Multi-user account restrictions

–           Audio with surround sound

–          Better dial pad and input from keyboard

–          Better access

–          Support for different languages

–          Bluetooth Smart and sensors with less energy consumers

–          Location of WI-Fi

Google is the only company that is using a consistent theme to name its products. But apple has abandoned this similar technique with its Mac operating system-OSx. As the tenth iteration of OSx will be named as Mavericks which is a famous spot in Northern California. Some of the previous names used were Mountain Lion, Tiger, Cheetah, Snow leopard and this time they don’t’ want to use the cat for naming the operating system.

The joint statement of google and Nestle expect it to launch soon.