Items of Pioneer Electronics in US

Pioneer Electronics manufactures quality electronic products for your car, home, computer and others. Starting from GPS navigators for your car to woofers and amplifiers, they offer a wide variety of products. They understand the value of money and make products to suit your need and luxury. Following are the different items of Pioneer electronics in US:

Products for your Car:

Products for your CarThere is a AppRadio that connects to your Smartphone and allows you to search over millions of songs. The Beej! Application helps you in indentifying the nearest restaurants, banks, bars or hospitals. It also comes with a Car Media Player that lets you listen to your favorite song from your music library. They also have advanced GPS navigators with audio that connects to your smartphone. Apart from all these they have audio and video systems. Other items include woofers, speakers and amplifiers. They also have back-up cameras, Bluetooth adapters, cables and marine speakers. These products make your driving and journey enjoyable.

Products for your Home:

Products for your HomePioneer Electronics just knows how to change your house into a home theatre. The different items of Pioneer Electronics in US for homes include home theatres, AV receivers, Blu-ray players, speakers which come both with wires and without wire and headphones. The Blu-ray players come with features like 3D and steaming. The AV receivers come with all the latest technology and the home theatre comes with 5.1 surround sounds making your experience whatever you experience at the cinemas. You can enjoy music in their wireless speakers and also use their wireless headphones that also are loaded with features. Steez which is a dance gear have developed for true dance a lover which has features for training and rehearsing. It takes your dance to whole new and better level.

Products for your Computer:

Products for your ComputerThough they do not have many items for your computer, but whatever they have, those are the best in the market. The range of accessories starts from computer drives to computer headphones and computer speakers. These speakers are USB powered and the headphones have noise cancellation ear buds. Blu-ray burners are ultra light and fast. They also are portable and easy to carry.

Products for DJs:

Products for DJsPioneer electronics bring a wide range of products which enhances the quality of any live performance. From turntables to mixers, from controllers to speakers, from headphones to DJ system, they have all. The multimedia turntables are one of the best in the industry and the controllers comes with DJ software that can be managed easily. The effector adds up to your remixing capability and brings out awesome remixes. The DJ headphones come in different colours. In the mixers, there are options for browsing 2-channel, 4-channel and 6-channel mixers. There are other accessories and software as well like the rekordbox and bags which you can use for carrying DJ stuffs. They even have controller cables and rotary knobs. A favourite among most DJs of this country, Pioneer provides you with all the accessories that you might need.