Do you know millions of people make money using eBay every day?

What is eBay?

Very popular website eBay ( provide us online auction and shopping. If you are an eBay user you can get many offers and services from eBay you also can bid on your preferred products and give feedback. Buyers can easily find products in many ways like by searching listings, by searching categories available on eBay.  In addition, eBay provide buyers and sellers the advanced search facility to obtain price information for recently completed transactions. Also Buyers Can see is it authorized retailer or not. According to both sellers and buyers level of satisfaction eBay provides opportunity to buyers to give feedback on sellers.
Making Money on eBay

If you are new on eBay and want to make some money, it’s quite simple, easy and straightforward but first of all you have to pay attention on that. Before earning money with eBay you need to have an email address or a website which already you have.

Get started with eBay

Before starting you need an eBay account of course. So follow the instructions given bellow:

  • Click and open your browser (Firefox/Chrome, etc).
  • Go to than click on “Register” option and fill up all required field like user id, email address, password etc than click on submit link.
  • Than appear “My eBay Summary” on your browser.
  • As you submitted all data as required, an email will be sent by eBay to your email account.
  • Log in your email account and verify your eBay account.
  • Congratulation! Now you have an eBay account and go forward with your dream on eBay.
  • Now bid on your preferred items/products or offer items/products and earn money.

Have you any idea about affiliate marketing? If you are going to start on eBay you need to have an affiliate status with eBay. It is quite easy, for that go to eBay’s affiliate’s link. Before starting ‘making money’ on eBay you need to familiar with the Flexible Destination Tool. Using this tool you can link people to your own items as you desire.
Searching for products

You may find many ways on eBay for searching products and service like by searching listings, by searching categories available on eBay. For easy search use the search box. Here every category is divided into further divisions.
Making a Bidding and money making

Most important thing for success in eBay, increase your eBay Feedback score as on eBay both buyer and seller have a Feedback Score. Feedback Score reflect buyer’s or seller’s involving transaction number and how much they own feedback. So you need to careful about other’s saying before buying anything from him/her. When you win any auction, you will receive an email from seller’s email address. Before bidding keep in your mind that you are not allowed to retract your bid.

Creating a Seller’s account

Now you may wish to sell in eBay right? Before selling any products on eBay, you need to open/create a Seller’s Account which is totally separated from the Registration process. Seller can create listings for his/her products/items. Then you can offer your buyer in many ways like providing ‘Buy it now’ option with your items. Following ways above keep making money.

Caution: By linking many people in your goods you are not sure to get paid. Because eBay have many software and they may know through tracking etc if you are linking to your own items.