What is Google AdSense?

What about it, if you place ads on your site which are related to the content of your site exactly Google AdSense provides you such opportunity. Google Adsense is a contextual marketing application which produces ads to your website that are related to the context or nature of your site. If you have a site about “chocolate”, Google AdSense would display ads about “chocolate”.

Webmasters are allowed to advertisements relevant ads on their web pages by Google AdSense according to relevant context. When any visitor clicks any Adsense ads which are served to your website, you will earn credit.

Joining Google AdSense Program

Generating money through joining the Google AdSense program is quite easy. You simply need to apply for an adsense account in Google Adsense. After applying Google will take a look at your site and come to a decision to allow you to display their ads on your site.

With very few attempt you can maintain your website related to Google AdSense. You need to add a java script code generated by Google into your web template. To determine what ads should be served to your website Google always uses combination of context analysis and keyword matching. Java script that you insert in your web template calls all ads from Google related to the context or nature of your site and ensure serving ads each time when visitors go to your web page.

Niche and Keyword Research

The factor that decides if your site will be successful is researching about your site content and finding a profitable niche.

Once you find your niche you will then need to gather a list of related keywords that you can target and write content for. This is a very important step for you success in Adsense and needs to be done carefully and correctly. Before start writing for any content you need to think for what people will search for.

Make Your Site for Adsense

You need a domain name for your site that contains your main keyword, so keep your domain name related to your context of your site. You also need to get a hosting account. Every site should have a sitemap and be careful about it. You should get all your pages indexed in the search engines and it is essential and make them also visitor friendly. Internal links are one of the important features of your web design. Insert your Meta tags for each page as it helps for SEO and also visitor’s friendly to find your context in search engine.

You are now ready to start adding AdSense ads to your site if your site is indexed by the search engines. Tracking and testing your ads is one of the vital factors for generating income with AdSense.


You should give concentration on finding a good niche, continual testing of your ads, doing wide keyword research, writing very quality content. Once you have a site up and making profit you may move on to your next website and keep multiplying your income through Google Adsense. But remember about your old sites. You should continue to test and track all websites and also keep adding more content.