Features Of Windows 8Windows Phone 8 is the second generation of the Windows phone mobile operating system from Microsoft.The release of this phone was on 29th October,2012 and likes its predecessor,the interface of this phone was known as Metro.

This phone replaced the CE based architecture that was used on Windows phone 7 as the Windows NT kernel was available on so many windows 8 components. The latest update of windows phone 8 is not possible on existing windows phone 7.X devices and only developers can make their apps available on Windows 7.X devices.All windows 8 devices are manufactured by Nokia,HTC,Samsung and Huawei.

Some of the main features of Windows Phone 8 that were confirmed at the event of Microsoft’s ‘sneak peek on June 20, 2012 with the launch of Windows Phone 8 29th October, 2012



CoreIt is the first mobile to use operating system from Microsoft that uses Windows NT kernel similar to one that runs windows 8. This operating system has a better file management system, drivers, security features, media and graphics support and network. It supports multi-core CPUs up to 64 cores with resolutions of 1280×720 and 1280×768 which is much more than 800×480 resolution of Windows Phone 7.This phone supports 128-bit bit locker encryption with secure booting system.



WebThe default browser of Window phone 8 is Internet Explorer 10. It has some key improvements to the earlier desktop version. A single customizable button and the address bar are simplified in the navigation interface. There is an option to get back with back button but the forward button is not available.



MultitaskingWindows 8 has the feature to multitask which enables the developers to build the apps that keep running in the background and can resume instantly.

Although, any user can use the help of active tasks with the help of back button but it may suspend other applications in some specific conditions like low battery or the establishment of a connection of a new network .Also if the user will not open any application for a long time then the app in the background will suspend automatically.

Still the user can force an application to quit by repeatedly using the back button which will open and lose each application.


Kids Corner:

Kids CornerIt has a special feature of Kids corner wherein the user can put some special games and applications for kids. When a user activates this kid’s corner then the apps and games that are installed on the devices can easily be played without accessing the main data that is very important for the main user.


RoomsThis feature helps the user to send group messages and group communication conveniently. With the help of room feature, the user can only contact the members of the group and can see the updates through Facebook and Twitter. It is also possible to share pictures and messages among the group members that are present in a particular room.


Data Sense:

Data SenseThis feature of windows phone 8 helps the users to set limits for the data usage. Data sense restricts the user to use further data when the user approaches near the set limit. This is done by the display of a heart icon which notifies the user when all the background tasks ends automatically. This feature earlier was available on Verizon phones that were available in the United States but the GDR2 update In July, 2013, make this feature available in all windows 8 phone.


NFC and Wallet:

NFC and WalletThe NFC capability helps the users to transfer data between two Windows phone devices ,windows phone device and a windows 8 tablets with the help of a feature known as Tap and send.

In some countries, The NFC support helps to do transactions in-person with the help of credit and debit cards reserved on the phone with this Wallet application. This feature can be activated thorough SIM or integrated phone hardware.