Two Legged Dog
”For the young men Faith is a model of inspiration,” adds Jude Stringfellow Faith’s guardian. Jude feels elated seeing the soldiers smiling – induced by Faith. Faith has taught soldiers how to fight obstacles boldly.

Two Legged Dog
The Stringfellow family trained the dog, teaching her the skill of walking on only her hind legs. Faith learned the technique of balancing her hind legs, and to leap forward in order to go forward. Stringfellow’s lured the dog with the help of peanut butter-filled spoon. Faith has turned into a celebrity appearing on various U.S talk shows. A book titled ‘With a Little Faith’ has been written on her.

Two Legged Dog
A turning point came in Faith’s life when, inspired by her son’s military service in Iran, Ms. Stringfellow decided to carry Faith to hospitals having war veterans. Stringfellow left her teaching job just to carry Faith all over the world

It’s an amazing story of a daredevil dog who overcame all odds to eventually make a name for herself. Her name is ‘Faith’ – and she is a Labrador-chow cross. She’s a beauty to behold when she walks on only her hind legs with a military jacket wrapped around her supple form.

Faith Dog
Faith lost one of her legs at the time of birth and the second one was chopped off because it was acutely disfigured. Faith’s mother abandoned her but she got a guardian in the form of Reuben, son of Jude Stringfellow

Dog gaurdian
Faith roars in laughter and barks as she walks around; she is filled with thrill when she sees the veterans. ”The veterans feel surprised watching Faith, some point at her, and cry.” Ms. Stringfellow added.