There are a lot of factors here. Hospitals need to absorb the cost of treating everyone, whether they have insurance or not and whether they getting treated for a bacterial infection or a serious surgery and inpatient care following the procedure. Hospitals also have to pay for staff, upkeep on equipment, and, for the minority of hospitals that aren non profit, they have to pay investors.

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canada goose coats Maybe though.EDIT: You know what actually, it possible that one of the Hardys is a little banged up and they rather not be in a ladder match and so they going to be in the battle royale instead.Beat Becky clean at the Rumble despite her hot streak going into the matchLost the title in another highly competitive match right before Wrestlemania, having no build to her own Wrestlemania match anywaysThat last point is key as well. Everyone was complaining that Asuka match was going to have next to no build heading into Wrestlemania and it was going to be a pointless match, then freaked out when they cut the match because of that. Personally, I was looking forward to what I was assuming was going to be a Dusty finish leading to Sonya vs Mandy vs Asuka at Mania, since that story has been building for the past month since Fastlane.Also, everyone mad that Asuka match got cut, but I barely saw anyone mad for Naomi, Carmella, Sonya and Mandy for not only losing their Smackdown match, but also the winner own Wrestlemania match.PrinceRory 2 points submitted 12 days agoWait, hold on, what your point exactly? Are you saying that people wouldn be complaining if Sarah Logan career had taken Asuka trajectory and she lost this week in the same way that Asuka did? Because I don know if that true. canada goose coats

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