smoking 50 yearsAlthough everyone is aware of the bad effects of smoking on our health but still people smokes. The smoke contains carbon monoxide, nicotine, cyanide and carcinogenic compounds in it which affects the system of our body. The effects may not be perceived by our eyes initially but when a person is exposed to nicotine products then it leads to some health issues which are irreversible. In United states, one out of five deaths are caused due to the ill effects of smoking.
All the organs of our body are affected by smoking but the adverse effect is on the lungs and heart. This severity of the problems depends on the amount of tobacco consumed and the duration of it. The excessive tar in all tobacco products poses enhanced risk of smoking related health disorders.

The effects of secondhand smoke or passive smoking are also same as active smoking when active smoking is done under high concentration. Here you can check out some of the short and long term effects of smoking:

Short term effects:

Short term effects of smoking include dizziness, nausea, bad breath, loss of appetite, coating on tongue, breakouts of acne, hand tremors, acidity in stomach, problem of hypertension and increased heart rate. These short term effects are often overlooked by people as they take it as any other health problem. But with the passage of time, the body adjusts to nicotine and some of these short term effects subside.

Effect on Lung:

lung cancer vaccineSmoking affects all the respiratory organs and leads to breathing problems. When a person smokes, the air sacs or alveoli elasticity is reduced in time. This leads to fall in the efficiency of respiration and gives way to diseases like chronic cough, bronchitis, emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. COPD in some cases also leads to death of a person due to prolonged smoking.

Effect on Heart:

HeartThe smoke contains hazardous substances which gets deposited on the blood vessel walls and restricts the flow of blood to other body parts. This impairs the process of functioning of the cardiovascular system. When this system is affected then there remains the possibility of heart attack, stroke, atherosclerosis and peripheral vascular disease.

Cancer Incidences:

Most of the chain and prolonged smokers have the problem of lung cancer. The habit of chewing tobacco puts a person at high risk of mouth cancer and throat cancer. Some other smoking related cancers are kidney cancer, pancreas cancer, cervical cancer, gall bladder cancer and myeloid leukemia.

Effect on Reproductive Health:

Smoking is very dangerous for pregnant women as it poses risk of low birth weight of the baby, miscarriage, preterm birth, infant death syndrome and in some cases stillbirth. The excess of smoking leads to infertility problems in both men and women. So to deliver the baby safely, all women should quit the habit of smoking. This can be done with proper counseling and nicotine withdrawal strategy.

Other Effects of Smoking:

The chances of contracting influenza are more people who smoke. Smoking also leads to structural damage and weakens the natural immunity. So the people who start smoking and continue for longer periods are prone to other infectious diseases than non-smokers.

These were some of the major health effects of smoking in any form and these should not be overlooked by smokers. But a strong will power will help you to quit smoking and achieve the goal of nicotine free life.