In iOS 8 notifications appear at the op of the screen. A big plus you get here is that you can interact with those notifications at once without needing to unlock the screen or open the app.

Writing long texts or emails from an iPhone’s keyboard is an ordeal. iOS has a solution in the form of the new Quicktype feature – a predictive texting option that renders three suggested words to pick from.

In iOS 8 you now get a refurbished Group chats. It enables you to drop or add people to a conversation and temporarily silence specific groups. Up here video, audio, and location messages automatically delete after a short time.

In iOS 8 your entire health data gets compiled in one place—using the new Health app. Critical statistics like calories burned, heart rate, and sleep times are all placed and shown in one place.

iCloud Drive enables you to store documents, spreadsheets, and PDFs. Moreover, photos get saved across all of your devices automatically. Another awesome utility is a family sharing feature that enable sharing everything you buy with the same credit card on iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store, between six people.

An iPhone with iOS 8 connects to iPad or Mac—so you can receive phone calls or answer texts from any device. Yummy!

An iPhone camera has a slew of features and iOS 8 makes the deal more delicious with the ability to shoot time-lapse videos. Recording is made at a low rate of frames per second, which automatically appears accelerated when watched.

If remembering different passwords for all your email accounts, websites, and apps seem painful—iOS has a solution to your problem. No need to use the same password for everything—iOS 8 enables you to sign into your apps using the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Don’t fear that developers will steal your fingerprints—they are disallowed access to the specific data.

Siri has been upgraded and is now becoming a useful feature. In iOS 8, Siri gets the power to respond hands-free whenever you say “Hey Siri”. Other noteworthy features include: real-time voice recognition and Shazam’s song identifying capability.

In iOS 8 turning your iPhone into a HotSpot for your Mac is pretty easy. The Instant HotSpot feature runs on Macs updated to OS X Yosemite and lets it use your mobile internet connection.

The lock screen in iOS 8 attaches an app button that adapts as per your current location. Suppose you’re out shopping, then the closest store’s app will show. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to instant access or download the app.

Nearly all Apple devices that were compatible with iOS 7 are compatible with iOS 8. Compatible devices include: all iPhones barring iPhone 4, all iPads that came after iPad 2, and the 5th generation iPod Touch.

Low battery life has been a tormenting experience in iOS 7.1 on the iPhone. To boost the draining battery life — go to “Settings,” “General” and “Reset.” Select “Reset All Settings” and see if you spot a difference in battery life.