best concept carsOne of the main highlights of any auto show is that you can explore an array of concept cars that are in the spotlight. These cars represent the latest features, revolutionary innovations and cutting edge features of car engineering.
A concept car in reality is a prototype of automobile that does not undergoes directly into manufacturing from the concept model. The concept car after getting shown up in an auto show is either destroyed or sold to the collectors or wind up in the car museums.
These cars are produced with certain changes in it after the public show a willingness to buy that car. The changes are made with the responses of the public after validation.

Here are 3 awesome concept cars that are worth remembering even if they were not made into the production line:

Lotus M250

Lotus-M250It is one of the lightweight car that looks tough from its outward appearance. At the time of its production, the engineers ensured that the power and pick up of this car will lead to the right type of aerodynamics balancing. This car was built to look like a normal car. But, unfortunately, this car never made it to the assemble line. This is because of the fact that the marketplace was not ready for this car with such a high –performance which is not safe for road.

Saab Aero-X

Saab Aero-XThis concept car is one of the most stylish car.It was a sports coupe without any pillars to give support to the doors or windshields.This gives the occupants of this care to get an unobstructed view of 180 degrees.The interiors of this care were amazing with the usual dials and buttons similar to traditional vehicles with 3-D images.It had ability for four wheel drive and it was as light as the Lotus M 250.But this care was never produced as the producers believed that it might distor the Saab range of car.

The Citroen Osee

The Citroen OseeThis concept car was designed by renowned designer Sergio Pininfarina.This car design was similar to to what James Bond drive while escaping from the bad boys.The sleekness and sophistication of this care makes it difficult to miss when it is passing on the road.It was a three seater car and also won the best sho award when it was shown in the Geneva Motor show.But this car also never made into production as engineers claim it as it was created for mid-engined sports car only and so only one was produced.

Porsche 918 RSR:

Porsche 918 RSRThis concept car is rated as the best concept car in the auto market. It is a hybrid car that combines gasoline power with the car batteries. It generates 563 hp from a 3.4 liter V8 gasoline engine and 204 hp comes out from the electric motors fitted in it. The electric motor is not powered with a battery but the flywheel in this car is incorporated in the passenger’s seat besides the driver seat. This flywheel can be spunned and strengthened with the help of a button on the steering wheel and the characterized braking function of this car. This is one of the outlandish sports cars from the German auto manufacturers.

Jaguar C-X75:

Jaguar C-X75Jaguar C-X75 is a concept car that has an unique look like that of a super car.It has four electric motors and each running on a single wheel.The batteries that are powered with the help of micro gas turbines charges the batteries and helps to produce 780 hp.These turbines are capable to run on different types of fuels like LPG, compressed gas, diesel and bio-fuels.Richa fans of Jaguar are still waiting for the on-road version of this sport concept cars prototype.