Best Cheap Cars in US

Nowadays possessing a car has become a status symbol; and US leads in flaunting this trend. Modernization today has ensured people that luxury is not always expensive. In today’s world, possessing a car is what matters rather than possessing an expensive car. When it’s the time to buy a new car, availability and money alone takes the primary decision. Your dream car may not be always affordable. Cheap cars aren’t necessarily always disappointing. Here’s you can check out the five best cheap cars in the US.

Nissan Versa ($11990 approx):

Nissan VersaIt is one of the America’s lowest price cars. And being cheap does not make it less good. The latest version of Nissan Versa maintains all the qualities of any other expensive cars. It is a family car decked with all homely interiors and styling. It has all the standard equipments –air conditioning, CD stereo, power windows and locks, automatic transmission, alloy wheels, Bluetooth, navigation still reasonably priced than any other cars.

Chevrolet Spark ($13013 approx):

Chevrolet SparkNot only it makes a great car for the city but it also has a solid steering and a spacious cabin. Though it is only a four-seater but it provides you great comfort. It is actually very powerful as it has a four-cylinder engine. It is said that it handles the city environment with ease and provides a smooth ride. It does not have many tech features but that does not stop it from being it one of the best and cheap cars in the US.

Ford Fiesta ($ 14469 approx):

Ford Fiesta It possesses an impressive feature and has a great fuel economy. It is adorned with two turbocharged engines which includes an EcoBoost three-cylinder engine. The fiesta provides a firm ride as it is good in withstanding bumps and road imperfections. Most importantly Fiesta features comfortable space. Compared to others it has a six speaker stereo with an auxiliary input jack.

Chevrolet Sonic ($ 15033 approx):

Chevrolet SonicIt is indeed a smart and correct choice for users who are looking for a small car that has a perfectly crafted sharp handling and smooth performance. Compared to some other cars Sonic has few standard tech facilities but it pleases us with its interior controls. What makes it the winner is its looks and performance.

Honda Fit ($ 16060approx):

Honda FitFor such a small car it offers ample passenger and cargo space. Its demand is due to the fact that in addition of having a powerful engine it has a relatively quieter engine. And what strikes mainly is it’s above –average reliability that makes it tops the chart of the better and cheap cars in the US. Despite a few shortcomings and criticisms no other cars can match its interior space and comfort. The ride, acceleration and handling make it one of the enjoyable small and cheap cars on road.
These are the most affordable, fuel efficient and pocket friendly cars one is looking for in the US. With the nationwide rise in prices of petrol sang gasses, simple, inexpensive, small cars have become more appealing to the people.