Best And Cheap Android TabletsIn case you are looking to buy an Android space without emptying your pocket then you will find lots of low-cost budgeted android tablets. There is no need to keep $400 as you can also buy a low cost android tablet at $229 which will offer all the facilities that are available in premium tablets.

In case you are not looking for premium android services that you can buy Acer Iconia B1 at the price of $179 or the HP Slate at $142.99. It would be a wise decision to buy an Android tablet when you have a limited budget.Check out some of the best and cheap android tablet options here:

ASUS Nexus 7 (2013):

ASUS Nexus 7 (2013)The ASUS Nexus 7 is launched with options of flying colors. This tablet proves that it is not necessary to have all tops specifications for a premium tablet experience. The 16 GB model of this tablet is available at the price of $229.

An assembly of different optimization makes this tablet a flapdragon S4 Pro CPU which is clocked at 1.5 GHz and with the help of 2GB RAM, you can take the benefit of multitasking. As far as its software is concerned, you will get the latest version of Android-4.3 Jelly bean and this operating system is very convenient for use. With the help of some of the added features like Google Now, you can’t stop yourself from keeping this tablet down.

HP Slate 7:

HP Slate 7HP Slate 7 is the entry level tablet  for the company  HP. This tablet is undertaking Nexus 7 with its low price of $142.99. But the reality is that, there is no comparison between these two tablets. This tablet is lacking on the side of hardware specifications and other collection of software optimizations. Although, it is one of the cheapest android tablet but media response is not good.

But as per the price, it is a decent performer.  People who are ready to spend more than they may not buy HP slate 7 as rumors of HP slate 8 Pro are also on high.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD:

Amazon Kindle Fire HDAmazon’s Kindle Fire HD is another cheap tablet but it will not give you full features of Android as this tablet is running a forked version of the operating system.This is because Amazon built this tablet by using android platform but it is without any Google services. This tablet will give you a real Amazon experience.

But still it is a good tablet if you are happy with the limited Appstore of Amazon. But these limited applications will offer you some of the useful apps as the Kindle Fire HD excels at the media consumption like in the area of gaming, music, movies etc.. The range of this tablet starts at the price of $159 which makes it cheaper Android tablet.

Noble Nook HD+:

Noble Nook HD+This tablet is also running on a forked version of Android like the Amazon Kindle Fire. But recently, Barnes and Noble gave its device a fresh coating with opening the way to the Play store and a price drop as well. This device is very impressive but the app store of Barnes and Noble’s is too limited.

But they are improving this tablet with the latest updates like you can download the Amazon Kindle app from the Play store which will offer you access to a massive range of books and at the same time you can download different types of games and can enjoy playing them to get best possible advantage of the retina like display of this tablet is possible by playing games.

The endless possibilities of this tablet make it one step ahead of Kindle Fire HD.

Hisense Sero 7 Pro:

Hisense Sero 7 ProHisense is the first manufacturer of tablet. It has released the Sero 7 Pro which is equipped with impressive specifications.

It is one of the cheapest Android tablet available at the price of $129. This device if very fast with quad-core Tegra 3 CPU and it performs very well.

The software capability of this tablet is similar to the one in Nexus 7.So this tablet will give you a slick and smooth experience .And if you think that the price is too high then you can buy the lower specification version Sero 7 Lt which is priced at $79.