A lot of people like me use an iPhone5 and aspire holding an iPhone5s or 5c in their palms. No need to over-react though! Iphone 6 is soon going to be released from the stable, and some engaging rumors are floating around it.

Let’s check out what is there in store for us – if we actually feel like picking this one up.

What’s In There About The Looks…………

As far as the design goes iPhone 6 will have a contrasting look versus iPhone 5s.

If perchance the new iPhone retain the looks of a 5s albeit with faster innards, it’ll not go down well with the audience. It’s foreseen that iPhone 6 will have an all-new aluminum design.

No one has any clues about the iPhone 6’s looks – anyhow Federico Ciccarese’s mock-up is awe-inspiring. The design is inspired by the arched metal back and glossy sloped edges of iPad Air and iPad Mini.

The mock-up retains the Touch ID fingerprint sensor Home button, and most likely iPhone 6 will have it.

09/01/14 Communique: The Chines site CTech has uploaded a real metal iPhone 6 casing on Weibo.

The new iPhone 6 looks sleeker, and more taller – endorsing the talks of a bigger screen-size.

Designer Martin Hajek has built a bunch of sexy renders formed on schematics passed on by the Japanese site Macotakara.

IPhone 6 Will Have a Bigger Screen-Size

Japanese tech publication MacFun feels that by giving iPhone 6 a 5in full HD display Apple is looking to quieten that teasing laughs of Android fans who are proudly flaunting their huge pixel-loaded screens.

Rumors have it that the iPhone 6 will come loaded with super-hard sapphire glass display; this job has been assigned to GT Advanced Technologies, the company that builds camera lens and Touch ID home button sapphire glass.

09/01/14 Communique: To add to the confusion Bloomberg’s predictions have added fuel to the fire! Bloomberg foresees either a 4.7in or a 5.5in iPhone model.

Bloomberg also foresees that iPhone 6 will carry a bent glass display which spirals around the edge of the gadget.

Megapixels Will Go Up

iPhone 6 camera on expected lines will have a dual-tone flash that will render colors in their natural hues.

Complementing the big screen iPhone 6 will presumably see a boost in megapixels and sensor size

13/01/2014 Communique:
China’s Nomura Security has disclosed to China Post that there will not be any surge in megapixel count.

Rather, iPhone 6 will pack the same 8MP camera that is huddled inside the the iPhone 5s, but with an add-on – optical image stabilisation (OIS).

05/02/14 Communique:

Chinese site IT168 foresees that iPhone 6 will arrive with a 10MP camera, contrasting the earlier 8MP rumors.

Besides that the iPhone 6 will have an f/1.8 aperture lens – a revamp of the iPhone 5s f/2.2 lens.

With an iPhone 6 users will get a shallow depth of field, to keep the subject illuminated and the background blurry.

IT168 also foresees that iPhone 6 will wear a new resin lens filter, a product of Japanese manufacturer JSR. A lighter and thinner filter will make for spotless shots and a faultless color reproduction.

Robust Innards

If we go by the predictions then iPhone 6 will have a 2GB RAM teamed with 128GB internal storage. Presumably, Apple’s existing 64-bit A7 processor will get upgraded to A7x to boost up performance a notch higher.

23/01/14 Communique: A prediction, that might come out true, made by analyst Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company is that the upcoming iPhone will run beautifully with the new 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, quite like you see in the 2013 line of Macs and Apple’s AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule routers.

ESM-China’s chief analyst Sun Chang Xu feels that iPhone 6 will carry in its trunk pressure, temperature and humidity sensors.

The pressure sensor will calculate the atmospheric pressure contrasted to blood pressure, an expertise that’ll most likely be one of the iWatch’s sensory weaponry for iOS 8’s Healthbook app.

All New iOS 8 is on Cards

Nothing much is foreseen in terms of aesthetics touch-ups due to the fact that a refurbished iOS 7 has just recently been unveiled.

23/01/14 Communique: Cowen and Company analyst Timothy Arcuri predicts that there’s a ”massive software up-gradation” on the cards. There’ll be a revamp in iBeacon, Touch ID and Passbook functions. Apple is looking to barge into mobile payments?

strong>03/02/14 Communique: iOS 8 will be garnished with an in-built Healthbook app that will trace steps taken, calories burnt and distance covered, and continually give updates on weight lost.

Healthbook will go a step-ahead and calculate your blood pressure, heart rate and hydration levels, along with glucose levels. You’ll need accessories like an iWatch though, to make things work. This app will have an add-on-functionality – medication notifications.

Now What’s The Talk About Price and Release Date

There’s not much in there – price tag will tow the line of iPhone 5 models.

21/01/14 Communique: Analyst Sun Changxu and blogger Eldar Murtazin are sure that iPhone 6 will expectedly land in June 2014. By having a quick launch on the heels of September 2013 debut of the iPhone 5s, Apple is deviating from the norms.