Helen and Kenneth Felumlee – for whom holding hands every morning at breakfast, was a ritual died within a day of one another.

The couple’s children say that holding hands at breakfast was a morning ritual for them – and their death came a mere 15 hours apart.

Helen Felumlee, of Nashport, Ohio, passed away on April 12 at the age of 92 – her 91-year-old-husband died the following morning.

Zanesville Times Recorder, reported: Kenneth had his leg cut off 2.5 years back owing to circulation issues. From then on Helen took over as his caretaker. She carried on with it up till three weeks prior to her death – she had turned weak and didn’t have the strength to look after him.

There was not a single night when the couple slept separately. Years back they traveled on a ferry that had bunk-beds – they settled on sleeping on the bottom bunk in place of sleeping separately.

Their son, Dick Felumlee, remarked old age took his parents lives, nonetheless, they passed away with their family close by.

The lovebirds ran away to marry in Newport, Ky. on Feb. 20, 1944, two days prior to Kenneth’s 21st birthday. The pair had been dating each other for three years. Following it Helen became pregnant, subsequently the couple bore eight children.

Helen passed away on April 12 – it was a Saturday morning. Kenneth broke the news to his children 12 hours later, ”Mom has passed away.”

He grew faint, his family said, and he was surrounded by 24 of his closest kin and friends when he died hours following his wife Helen’s death, on Sunday morning.

“It was a lovely farewell party,” Cody said. “He was prepared. He just yearned to be with her.


”We knew it beforehand that when one went, the other will follow suite,” said their daughter, Linda Cody. ”We had always wanted that they departed together, and that was exactly what happened.”