Of course, plain coffee filters will hold snacks just as well

Or use ground coffee as a dry rub on meat and burgers

Repurpose coffee filters to make a pretty paper lantern

To eliminate odor in shoes, make a sachet with baking soda and a coffee filter

To get rid of smoker smell in your car

Use coffee beans to hold a candle in place

Use coffee filters to make pretty paper roses

Use coffee filters to prevent soil from coming out of the hole in a bottom of a plant pot

Use fresh-brewed coffee as a marinade for short ribs

When you break a cork opening a bottle of wine, strain it out using a coffee filter

You can also make an herb sachet to flavor to soups or stocks while they cook

You can also use them for iced coffee so your drink doesn't get watered down

Coffee filters can protect skillets and china during storage

Combine coffee grounds with thyme and water to make a garden spray that deters bugs

Cover food in the microwave with a damp coffee filter to prevent splatters

Decorate coffee filters with food coloring to make fun bowls for snacks

Make an on-the-go frozen banana yogurt smoothie pack

Make ice cubes with leftover coffee

Make your own Greek yogurt with coffee filters

Mix coffee grounds with sea salt and oil to make an anti-cellulite body scrub