This ‘sport’ was created by coal miners in 1970s Yorkshire, England who were gourmands of punishments. The rules of the contest are simple – a contestant has to keep the ferret, who has not been defanged or declawed, in his trousers for as much time as he easily can. The longest time recorded is 5 hours 30 minutes.

Sritharan Amordalingam was declared a winner of a weird contest in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia organized by radio station hitz fm called “Ford: Live In It To Win It.” He stayed inside a garbage-filled Ford Ranger – was not allowed to move about or have shower. He remained in the foul smelling car for 23 days, and finally drove away the new Ford Ranger.


This contest has a simple rule – just touch a truck and remain like that till eternity. The event is called “Hands on a Hardbody” that started in 1992 at a Nissan dealer in Texas. The contest went on for 87 hours.

In 2005 Richard Vega, a participant withdrew 48 hours in to the contest, took a gun and shot himself dead. His wife went to the court, and later on an out-of-court settlement was struck between her and the dealership – and as per the deal she was paid an undisclosed sum of money.

The Great Depression of the 1930s saw the emergence of a new form of sports called dance marathon. Held in 1930 in a ballroom, Mike Ritof and Edith Boudreaux won it by slow-dancing without stopping for 5,5152 hours.

A new Guinness World Record was created on Valentine’s Day in 2013 – for the longest ever kissing session. Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat from Bangkok won the contest; they kept on for 58 hours 35 minutes, 58 seconds.

Chen Kecai and Jin Songhao set a new Guinness World’s Record for standing inside an enclosure built from ice. The contest was held in China’s Hunan Province. Chen stayed for 118 minutes and Jin 120, and they had on just their swim trunks.

World Sauna Championships were held in Finland from 1999 to 2010. The rules of the game was to stay inside a sauna room having its starting temperature set at 110 degrees celsius; every consecutive 30 seconds was followed by pouring half a liter water on the hot stove.

Timo Kaukonen lasted 16 minutes and set a new world record.

Wu Deqi stood on one leg for 7 hours 26 minutes and won this unusual contest; he rode away on a new BMW.

The stinging nettle consists of tiny needle-like hairs that cause lots of pain when touched; just visualize how you’ll feel if those same hairs touched your lips or throat.

In this contest the participants are asked to eat nettles and they have 1 hour to do their act. They are allowed to sip water or beer between meals. The world record stands at 76 ft. It’s a daring sport.

This contest involves kicking your opponent in the shin. Holding each other from the collar you need to keep kicking till your opponent drops unconscious. In 2013 the 401st championship was won by 24-year-old Zak Warren.