The video ‘Smooth Criminal’ was an innovation that’s no less than an invention. Michael coolly tilts his hat and leans at an unimaginable 45-degree angle. He does this with the help of self-made twin-designs to form a ”method and means to knock up an anti-gravity illusion” patent for a shoe.

A loafer carries a strap around the ankle to fasten it to the dancer’s foot, with a heel that supports a secret groove that latches on to a small post on stage.

Howard Hughes employed his engineering prowess to fabricate an underwired, cantilevered bra to compliment actress Jane Russell’s ample breasts. This cute little invention wound up in a Hollywood museum. This little-known invention deserves a place in the list.

Lincoln fabricated a little-known device of fabric bladders which when filled hauled the vessel up at the water surface level. He got the inspiration from a boat marooned on a sandbar – the captain ordered his hands to heap up empty barrels under the sides of the boat. The empty casks helped buoy it up.

Zeppo has three patents under his belt. One was Vapor Delivery Pad for Distributing Moist Heat (also called a heating pad), a daily use item. The rest of the two were bagged in 1969 for “Cardiac pulse rate monitor” and “method and watch mechanism for actuation by a cardiac pulse.” They functioned together to caution people with cardiac issues.

He is a little-know inventor. He bagged a patent in 2002 for a drumhead-tensioning device – a self-executing tuner for conga drums. He shaped a pair of shoes that improved traction for a better workout under water.

.Paul Winchell, with support of Heimlich fabricated and patented a mechanical artificial heart and installed it in the chest cavity. Some of his other noteworthy patents were disposable razor, a fountain pen with a retractable tip and an “invisible” garter belt.

Jefferson infatuated with macroni designed a machine that detailed the pasta’s extrusion process. An accomplished gardener he fashioned an upgraded version of the dumbwaiter, a small lift used for the purpose of carting objects instead of people.

Dr. William Moulton Marston shaped the systolic blood pressure test. It formed the basis for the modern polygraph – nicknamed the lie detector. Wonder Women – the comic book character was Marston’s creation.


Musk a Stanford drop out founded Zip2 Corporation in 1999 – an online city guide that dished web content for the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune. He sold Zip2 to Compaq for hundreds of millions of dollars. Thereon he formed Paypal, and then sold it off to eBay for $1.5 billion dollars in stock, of which Musk’s owned 11%.

I Love Lucy the television sitcom was a brainchild of Desi Arnaz. His techniques are today a staple in television sitcoms. Arnaz is credited for inventing the television rerun.