Google created the software to open-source it later on in 2012. Now it’s called Zygote Body. It offers users human 3D models.

You can scan through Mars via Google Mars —- created with the collaboration of NASA researchers from the Arizona State University. It offers users relief, visible and infrared views of the Mars.

Are you a fan of art and love viewing exhibits and collections from museums? Use Google Cultural Institute to browse across museums and archives.

Google Person Finder help locate any person after a natural/humanitarian crisis. It has been used many times since the World Trade Centre attack back in 2001.

Google’s Music Timeline fall under Google’s Big Picture Group. The Google’s Music Timeline provide user interactive visualization and covers music timeline 1950 and onwards. The user is enabled to review trend of various genres over the years.

reCAPTCHA’s sole function is to identify that you are a human, right? However, did you know it serves one more purpose? You have to to verify two different words out of which one could not be identified by computers. When you key in the right response —- one: you identify yourself as human, two: you also help in digitizing old printed materials.

Waze functions as a navigation app that helps extract navigational information while adding to it. The app helps suggest better routes based on your history with app.

Many might be knowing about Google Trends. With its help user is enabled to discover which keyword is being searched the most and for what time period. It’s a SEO tool used to target traffic as well.

Google Ad Grants lets the NGOs gain $10,000 per month for AdWords advertising in order to publicize your NGOs goals and plans.

Google Helpouts will let you learn from experts in any field by way of video sessions like arts and music, computers, cooking and what not.