Is your iPhone on the fritz, out of warranty, or needs repairing but its warranty has lapsed? No need to feel dejected. Apply these smart DIY tricks:

Dropped your iPhone in water? Shake it to remove all the water or most of it; keep it in a sealed bag filled with rice. Rice does soak all the moisture.

Or use a hair dryer at the lowest setting and hold it away from phone when the blower is running. That way the phone cannot turn hot and melt.

Are you faced with a broken home button? Check out a few slides below to resolve the issue:

1st one is to recalibrate:
• Open an app
• Hold down the sleep/wake button until the Power off screen appears
• Hold down the Home button for 5 to 10 seconds

Has your iPhone gotten misaligned? Use this simple process to realign it:

  • Plug your iPhone into the charger
  • Gently push down on the connector so that it pushes the Home button up
  • Press the Home button
  • repairingiphone5
    Finally, if your phone is still out of order, it needs cleaning. Buy 98-99% isopropyl alcohol (not rubbing alcohol). With the help of a cotton swab or eye dropper, apply 2-3 drops of the alcohol straight over the home button and tap it over and over to let alcohol permeate. Leave it to dry.

    If your Home button still doesn’t work you can wriggle out of trouble by employing AssistiveTouch, which will let the Home Button appear straight on your Iphone touch screen. To activate it: go to Settings, General, Accessibility, Assistive Touch.

    Is there a small crack in your iPhone screen? Fix it with superglue. Apply a drop or two of the superglue on the crack and swiftly wipe away the excess with the help of a tissue.

    Is your iPhone screen badly cracked? Buy kits online for around $30. That way you save money because Apple charges a lot for a replacement.

    To remove scratches on your iPhone screen use car wax. Prior to starting the procedure use tape to plug all ports to not let liquid to seep in — and then buff the polish into the scratches with the help of a soft cloth.

    You can use toothpaste to buff out scratches. Rub toothpaste on the screen with a soft cloth —- and in a circular motion. Wipe using a damp clean cloth to lighten scratches.

    Has your iPhone stopped charging? Check a few things out like:Replug the charger back in to make sure it is plugged into the wall and the iPhone correctly

  • Blow out any dust or other particles from the port
  • Try a different charger; yours could be going bad
  • Sometimes a hard restart by holding down the hold and home buttons will do the trick
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    It’s a lot tougher to replace battery of an iPhone. You need to pay $80 to Apple to replace a dead battery. Be smart —- use some simple tools and buy a battery online for about $15 or $20. To get full instructions on how to replace an iPhone battery click here.

    Has your iPhone screen turned white? No need to panic, try some steps out like:

  • Restart the phone and turn it back on again
  • Reset the phone by holding the hold button and home button down at the same time until screen flashes and Apple logo appears
  • Restore from backup – You will probably lose data. Follow the steps here
  • repairingiphone14
    Follow a few steps to resolve your iPhone turn on issue:

  • Make sure the phone is charged
  • Try to turn it on
  • Hold down the hold and home buttons at the same time for at least 10 to 20 seconds
  • Restore to factory settings following the steps here.
  • If phone is just restarting itself, put it in DFU mode.
  • If the screen turns off only sometimes, it could be a malfunctioning proximity sensor.
  • Go to Settings, General, Reset, then Reset all Settings and this should fix the problem.