Top Five Disciplines Of Health ScienceThe field of Health Sciences is expanding day by day and at the same time if offers different types of job. Health science is basically a combination of health research and the application of the acquired knowledge in the health industry. We can say that health science is a blend of public health services, physical therapy, biochemistry, biology, anatomy etc..Some of the major subjects in colleges can be allied health, health and wellness, geriatric health, health education and health management. When a person wants to take a decision on any one aspect of the health science then it should be done keeping in mind the interest in a particular job, length and type of the education needed and the demand of that particular occupation. Some of the main disciplines on which a person can choose to make a career in health science are discussed here:


Head_lateral_mouth_anatomy-Anatomy is the science in which a person studies about the whole structure of the body. The sub-discipline of biology can be further divided into the study of large scale anatomical structures and microscopic anatomical structure. While studying an anatomy course, the main aim should be to learn and get the in-depth knowledge of the various structures and functions of the major parts of the body. Also it also always linked to the physiology of a person.


BiochemistryBiochemistry is the science in which a person studies about the chemical processes within and relating to all living organisms. It is because of the presence of biochemistry that a person has become successful in explaining all the living processes of life sciences ranging from botany to medicine. While studying biochemistry course, the main aim of the person studying is to understand how biological molecules give rise to various processes that occur within the living cells of the body.


DentistryDentistry examines teeth while looking for cavities and other problems at the same time it teaches the patients with different types of oral health practices that ensures a healthy smile on your face. A person who studies this health science learns the ways to give and administer anesthesia, placing temporary and permanent fillings, removing stitches after any oral surgery. The educational options for this discipline are so many with a bachelor’s degree to the master’s degree.


GeneticsGenetics is another discipline of health science in which a person studies about the science of genes, heredity, and variation in living organisms. All types of genetic concerns like the process of trait inheritance from parents to offspring which includes the structure of molecules and functioning of the genes, distribution of gene, variation and change in populations etc. are studied in detail.

Medical :

MedicalThis is another disciple of health science and such type of job takes place only in a laboratory setting. As a technician, one has to take different specimens to analyze and perform less-complicated tests. The technicians are further supervised by the laboratory managers. After studying this area of health science in details, a person becomes proficient to do all types of complicated tests that are linked with chemistry and blood. A bachelor’s degree with major of medical technology is must for this