Here is the top social media sites, you are communicating to you this year, friends of a particular place and its social impact, contacts, and friends who care and feeding relationships with total strangers.2011 Top 10 social networking websites social networking


No wonder Facebook list.All is number one. Currently, some 700 million recorded for each active or inactive user, but the number, which is 700 million. In fact, they often suffered Facebook subscribersbecause conduct regular maintenance checks, and it never fails to improve.



If there is ranked No. 1 on Facebook, Twitter and Facebook, you can expect that on the right place.The second is the spread that you can not kill.



If you think MySpace is already on the brink of extinction, perhaps you are mistaken.



Social Media sites are purely social purposes, not made the news and current affairs. Nowadays even the most popular network of media and social networking for some, but most of the work. LinkedIn is a particularly good example.



The first time you’ve heard this word? In fact, you can compare it to going to other sites, will be featured.



A sneak peek of its new, you always try to Friendster? Some evidence of some comments, record and view all the pictures you want.



Now, when a business can multiply all your needs.



Department of Social Media is one of the best way out is tagged in any other website. That’s what Facebook and Twitter can not win the case by providing a unique and customer care services, because unfortunately, it fell to the eighth row. Often, you can see some resemblance there again, but this does not mean the same to be created by the web hosts.


Hi 5

You ever seen the Disney Channel? If yes, you’ve already heard about the social networking site to Hi 5. You are boasting of their close friends, a friendship that will best features is that. As a result, to join in using their accounts to create more and more people are becoming more selective specification are encouraged to interphase.



Orkut social networking sector is already a very significant name. It can operate on the basis of their future efforts, because this is a good foundation.