The Grand Theft Auto series developed by Rockstar Games has definitely gained a lot of gaming fans ever since they originated plots that include mafias and bad guys in the real world. However, what makes these gamers tick and how did the game get so much people to like it? Check out this list to know what’s in GTA that is not found in most video games.

Real Level-up System

It can be a bit irritating in a way, but that is how life should go. You should experience getting better each and every day, and not just being an ace in everything that you do. GTA has expressed this philosophy the best way they can where your player needs to develop many things in order to become as skilled and proficient in doing stuff. You can level up your physique, flying and driving skills, expertise in handling and using different armaments, your reputation as a bad guy, and even other unexpected things like sex appeal and stamina.


A large and compelling story comes with an even larger map where you can virtually do anything from stealing cars, ramping from one skyscraper to another, and driving tanks like no one cares. It includes large-scale cities with almost everything available: airports, fish ports, piers, suburbs, forests, clubs, mountains, beaches, and even floodways.

Hidden Stuff

Sidequests are ordinary in modern games these days. You know, those things that you can do aside from getting too absorbed in the story. In GTA, you get to swim for pearls in any body of water from fountains to beaches and get to unlock some nice goodies afterwards. Other things include points for stunts, hidden packages in houses, little stuff and items found in corners and alleyways, moneybags on randomly placed areas, and other things. Getting into them will make you access extra gaming features and other unlockables.


One thing unique about GTA, no matter what series we are talking about, is the graphics included in the game. It is not too detailed and sharply made, but it still satisfies the need for giving life and dimension to every element included in the maps or other items. It goes more with functionality, without the disappointment of expecting results when you do something with a particular object.


Well, you may be expecting unlimited ammo, high-raising stats, and great reputation to begin with. However, one fun thing about cheats with GTA is that you can use it not only for story-related scenarios, but even for fun or making your game even more challenging in case you get to be too bored with your life. You can make cars fly, go around the city in a jet pack, or get the whole police force chase you with choppers, tanks, police cars, and the whole armada.


For one, you are free to spot and take any ride you see, sports cars, beach buggies, motorcycles, BMX bikes, muscle cars, trailer trucks, and even police cars, ambulances, airplanes, or tanks. Another thing that makes the rides impressive is that you need to look at them in different places, in different times, making you search and scour for the ride of your choice at any given place in the whole map.


What could be an amazing game with no missions and feats to accomplish? With GTA, you get to engage yourself with varied missions that are done solo, or even in groups, as non-playable characters get to join you in heists, street wars, or car chases, and even those tipsy toe instances where you need to stash out some goodies from an old house.


What makes GTA even more amazing aside from the storyline is the myriad of characters included in the game. With every mission done or completed, you get to meet strange personalities, packing their own heap of attitude, spunk, simplicity, shady reputation, or geekiness. Costumes, air, and mood is different each time you go from one end of the plot to the other. Some are nerds, hillbillies, corrupt policemen, gym buffs, grade school teachers, even kids.

Funny Stuff

This is by far, one of the most natural things you can expect in playing GTA, especially San Andreas, as shared and told by various gamers. Some funny things included are unexpected blurts from characters during a storyline, some weird plots, mysterious mentions that get you going. But what can make you laugh the hardest is when you understand the messages in radio stations whenever you drive the car and turn the radio on. Hahaha!

Storyline and Plot

One of the most amazing things that GTA has, and will always be no matter what version you are playing, is its concept and storyline. Yes, it may include gangsters, mafia, and other nasty street elements, but you can never deny the fact that it is absorbing when comparing it to what’s happening in the real world. You can experience drug deals, stealing on banks, and even clobbering police officers without the need of feeling guilty.