At the age of 56 Steve Jobs dies, a day after the event in Cupertino, California “Let’s Talk iPhone”. 4S shell over the iPhone is the person behind the MacBooks, Time Machine, Mac PCs, OSX systems, and even the iPhone, iPod, and we all came to love the iPod, and many remembered him live. However, Apple is such a good idea to create a masterpiece, what are other things that he never asked you to make the best of his masterpieces.

10. USB Power Adapter

If you feel that the decision to send you another thing, you should reconsider. Yup, it’s light on this matter is not Chinese. I have not seen a computer in one case, in many cases charged and the computer to be connected to the iPod, Steve Jobs can act as an adapter for a PC was the same charge.

9. NeXT Computer

When Steve Jobs left Apple in 1985, he had fooled him to show Apple that the company can not live without the Empire and created his own system. Founder and the president, in 1988, he could create a system of taxes and in 1990 was a smaller version. When Jobs returned to Apple, the next thing in order to extend tax OpenStep system, OSX, and purchased $ 429 million in December 1996 and the next.

8. Pixar Animation Studios

Steve Jobs bought it on his own before it was known as Lucasfilm. Yup, Star Trek, Star Wars movies and other modern sciences, such as used in films by the same team behind the stunning graphics. George Lucas was a $ 5 million, and another $ 5 million investment, 45 CG experts, before the company bought. Pixar was born when Jobs left Apple in 1986.

7. Macintosh

January 24, established in 1984, it was the first in a series of Apple computers were built and sold. It’s a mouse driven, graphical user interface instead of the modern-day adaptation and found that MS-DOS using the command line interface is a system that was pioneered in the path. Now, we are enjoying an early masterpiece of the iMacs and MacBooks.

6. iTunes Music Store

His concern for artists and other musicians, artists and their music, Steve Jobs, while guaranteeing that the money was a way for customers to enjoy their downloaded music. The iTunes Music Store sold for $ 0.99 each and can be hacked for stealing music is a complex security system.

5. Mac OSX

When he left Apple in 1985, Steve Jobs, Apple’s most powerful computer operating system created by the regime, largely thanks NEXTSTEP system made the OpenStep. Revision of existing home and professional use Mac OS Mac Manufacturing, was joined by a different organization. It all started with the purchase before the general name of Mac OSX was the “Rhapsody” is requested.

4. iPod

When weight and size do not care what he had to carry their portable music people have been enjoying life once the game has changed when Steve Jobs. Walkman or CD player can not live without their iPod that obese people are designed to be an inspiration.

3. iPad

Tablet computers and other portable Samsung Galaxy tab to tab or other devices such as BlackBerry Playbook that gave birth to a device. Steve Jobs, again like others it was difficult to find a new innovation. He made the iPhone a big growing well.

2. iPhone

Always be happy, the best toys for both children and adults alike have an iPhone. It’s the first of January 9, when introduced in 2007, worldwide mobile phone technology was shaken with a game changer. It was a whole new level with the Internet and gaming. It is, and it was a lot of video, sound, everything, games, and even to social networking is the best handheld mobile device.

1. Apple

Only three people who are dirty, with all the work, one of the kingdoms of the world’s largest computer on April 1, 1976 can be resumed in a house through the garage? Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne Joint larger calculable provided through the company’s growth. Then, by hand, and the invention of the computer is going very well. Housing, commercial enterprises, and the corporate world as a revolutionary and extraordinary growth. Now, it looks like them or throw rocks and the latest gadgets and other technologies that challenge the finding.