It is simply a hybrid vehicle is the car to go two or more power sources can be defined. Their low running costs of hybrid vehicles and low carbon emissions compared to conventional gasoline vehicles are great popularities. Another factor is still widely popular among the natural resources of gas and almost every day, but there are banishing from the earth through the feet is a cost that must be true.
In a hybrid car, there can be any combination of two or more of the most popular, efficient combination of a gasoline engine and a second electric motor is primarily auto adjust to different conditions, changes in its preferred fuel.
If you want to buy a hybrid vehicle, in the market we have compiled a list of the top 10 hybrid vehicles.

Saturn Vue Hybrid

This is probably a hybrid SUV-Saturn (now run by General Motors) is the best one. This allows the car to the car’s initial movement only began to resemble a hybrid vehicle. This machine will automatically shut off when the vehicle stops and has the ability to move the vehicle but the driver when it can start again soon.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Toyota Highlander Hybrid mid-size SUV 2005 or that the Kluger was launched in the production. This is a crossover SUV classified; one passenger vehicle and a station wagon that has two components. The Toyota Kluger was introduced in 2007 that it would be popular with a new and better version. The second type of production is still up to date sold more than 100,000 Klugers.

Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid


Supporting the first ever hybrid Chevrolet Chevrolet is General Motors was mixed Mallibu. It was named the Golden State city of Malibu is a mid-size sedan. The hybrid version was produced in 2009 and was granted, but it was discontinued a year later in 2010.

Ford Escape Hybrid

It was the first SUV with hybrid technology in this vehicle. Ford Escape Hybrid to its model, introduced in 2004 was an ordinary gasoline SUV. Escape hybrid is produced only in the United States and Japan, but later changed its manufacturing in Taiwan and China.

Nissan Altima Hybrid

Nissan Altima Hybrid’s hybrid technology, they will be introduced. This car is a 4 – door sedan is. Nissan Bluebird, which was introduced in 2007 as a possible alternative. This model is available in the United States only 10 states. The vehicle is also preferred, such as New York City police, police car and a taxi is used in some states.

Toyota Camry Hybrid

Toyota Camry XV40 XV30 Camry Hybrid was introduced as an alternative. In 2006, after its production, it was the third most popular hybrid car. The vehicle sales to come in the future, and until December 2009 were 155 hundred.

Honda Insight

It was the first mass production of Honda Insight hybrid car. It was introduced in 1999 as a two door hatch back model. Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist, which label (IMA) technology based. In 2006, the car was introduced to fight a second version of the Toyota Prius. The car was first sold in Japan in April 2009 and so far it’s 143.000 units sold worldwide, has introduced a five-door hatchback car.

Ford Fusion Hybrid

Ford Fusion Hybrid Ford Fusion already is a double. The sedan was introduced in March 2009 in the American market. Ford’s Hermosillo stamping & assembly plant, this unit is manufactured in Mexico. The fusion hybrid, and in 2010, “North American Car of the Year” Award.

Honda Civic Hybrid

The Honda Civic Hybrid – a hybrid version of the popular Honda Civic, introduced in 2002 branches. Mark, about a quarter of a million sales worldwide, is considered the second best selling cars in California Air Resources Board and the Advanced Technology section of today’s First Zero – Emissions Vehicle (AT-PZEV) was awarded a certificate. This car is a hatchback version of the 2012, but inevitably the only Europeans.

Toyota Prius

The number one ranked player in the clear; Toyota Prius. It was first introduced in Japan in 1997 and after testing it on a 4 – door compact sedan introduced to the world. Sold more than seventy countries around the world on this vehicle. The car pollution and smog, California Air Resources Board, the United States due to its low-level clean car that has been evaluated. The sample of 2 million units sold worldwide through September 2010. One of the best hybrid vehicles, which in fact is currently on the market today.