Despite its modest appearance and style in your pocket of a smartphone appeal as a fashion, but in that case, whatever you do for just a laptop or computer that allows you to perform all tasks. This is the primary purpose for smartphone attractiveness.
Designing a brother, Android applications are there more accessible Web sites. Therefore, rather than something you need, rather than spending time Looking for web creative designers and developers, we can increase their productiveness applications, find some useful applications that allow the author here to see this package is.

View Web Source

The use of any website, copy the HTML source view and paste it to select textual content and search.

HTML Editor

A basic HTML,JS, CSS and ASP, code to your editor on the road,> “Save File to” use the menu to preview.

Eval your JavaScript code

Some basic math you less, or when a simple tool that allows you to experiment with JavaScript.

Design Snack Mobile

Snack is a place rich in design, web design and style gallery is an interactive and social functions. This evolution is a web design ideas.


AndFTP an FTP,FTPS,SCP, SFTP client for Android gadgets. It allows managing several FTP servers. It is both a device data file browser and a FTP data file browser.


HTML created INTERSOG with application to test your skills. Quickly and easily. This Web developers, stakeholders and the public awareness in HTML that one – is to use.

Magic Color Picker

Selector for selecting colors using different color models, Magic creative designers, artists and developers, is ideal as a powerful tool for color selection.


The developer’s cheat sheets to your Android tablet: PHP, Ruby on Rails Python, Ruby,SEO, Apache, jquery, CSS, regular, svn, fight, C + +,GDB,Drupal, GCC, HTML5, JavaScript, Microsoft, MySQL, postgreesql, unix, wordpress

W3C Cheatsheet

W3C Cheatsheet W3C, the specifications published in leading international web standards community useful information (including HTML5, CSS, SVG, XPath), which provides quick access.

Firefox 4 Beta for Mobile

There is only a beta version of Android 2.0 + devices.