Another highlight this year’s Apple event has been discussed iOS5, the upcoming Android to shake Mango Ice Cream Sandwich, or Windows Mobile 7.5 is the new mobile system. Such a new system for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPod support and innovation are the latest to be used in various devices. And without vitaiyalittal, let us check IOS 5 new features and latest updates.

1. Updated easily

IOS5 upgrading your OS, you will be spending more money if you do, think again. Yup, you do not need to spend an update on the other hand, the ten-TB. Everything you need to purchase access to the unit connected to the device, and to follow instructions from there. Simple and clean!

2. Free devices from PC Connection

Your iPod, iPhone, or iPod whenever you change the angle and did not move some files must be prepared to USB cable. With IOS5, PC or MacBook that links must be left almost all activities have been done. You can now download applications on your device, it does not require a computer or laptop is built on the same device, photos, videos, and other files can be edited.

3. Camera

Most natural and realistic images to be taken in cases where you are not ready. This requires, iOS5 added convenience of camera operation was even faster than before. In fact, in the market among all smartphones, it’s a camera on the market, after a rapid 1.1 seconds and 0.5 seconds to take pictures of things that have been implemented.

4. Photos

You have your photos, crop and edit living in a time when needed in order to transform the PC and embedded camera phone pictures taken by you have to do any changes. All of these, crop, rotate, and red eye reduction which could improve device applications has changed with the new OS.

5. Safari

Safari is fast and competitive performance, in an orderly and organized manner is outside web pages. Working with new iOS5, you are now reading the list, or sites that you have read and can be stored, and that such iPod, iPhone and iPod touch, the pull of any iOS5-supported devices. Now you can store it and then it gets stored in the cloud can be read.

6. Twitter Integration

Whatever you do, share it, I think that people are tweeting and you know that there will come a time. That moment comes and if you use a iOS5-enabled devices, and other tweets that you can add photos to your home in any application finger should easily satiate hunger. With one login, you can use your camera, whether surfing the net, any application to keep your tweets to be active, and can also play YouTube.

7. Newsstand

There is a new addition to this application group. Now you read the latest magazines and other materials, also read a daily newspaper and a magazine to go to the store. Yes, Newsstand, from reading the publications you have everything to gain. When you purchase a new subscription, it will be sent to your newsstand. When you receive new problems, as it is actually their cover, with an update.

8. Notification Center

Reading the reports, other sources or uses of pushing down the screen is the usual way. Based on announcements of new and improved, where it reduces disruptions and interference device, an area that can be read at all. Or if you prefer, you can even when locked, you can select the notifications that appear in the upper part.

9. iMessage

Even if you feel that your service and data plans are too expensive and was connected with the MMS. However, iOS5 system introduces iMessage service that is not ready to take that. In this process, you and your other Apple devices, text messages, pictures, videos, and send the other files, but said the devices can be processed without payment, for all who can. You can also make a person or an entire group.

10. Reminders

What are reminders that you jotted down earlier, one must use a chronological order. What do you want to achieve new OS reminders of a place you where you are and your event reminders beep GPS Using S, just in time and remember thinking, announcements by the place has changed the way that particular place. ICloud, and reminders can be accessed through various Apple devices.