Calgary, Canada

Searching for any cleanest city? Calgary is the cleanest city in the world located 80 kilometer east of the front ranges of the Canadian Rockies at the transition zone. Calgary is the fifth largest metropolitan and third-largest municipality area in Canada. The total area of this city is 726.5 km sq. The Bow and the Elbow two major rivers run through the city. And this city has become many tourists’ attraction.

Adelaide, Australia


Adelaide is the fifth-largest city in Australia. Adelaide is the center city of South Australia. It is one of the finest cities for living in. Adelaide located in the north of the Fleurieu Peninsula, Adelaide Plains between the Gulf St Vincent and between Lofty Mountain and St. Vincent Gulf. Total land area of Adelaide is 870 km and favorite for tourism.

Honolulu, Hawaii


If you search for the cleanest city, may you do not miss the pearl of Hawaii, known as tropical paradise Honolulu. The state Hawaii’s all the financial structures are situated in Honolulu. The gorgeous island Honolulu’s tropical climate is more preferable for living in. About 405,000 people live in here.

Minneapolis, USA


USA’s populated but cleanest city Minneapolis always an attraction for any tourist. Over 3.3 million people live here. It is situated on the side of Mississippi river known as water city as located on the both side of Mississippi. Transportation and trade facilities are also more attractive in Minneapolis.

Kobe, Japan

kobe-japan-cityCulture, consciousness, feeling of responsibility and discipline are seen highly among Japanese and which is well known to everyone. With 1.5 million citizens Kobe in one of the cleanest city of the world located nearby Osaka. A beautiful landscape was made by its narrowness, mountain and coast. The economy of Kobe is so wonderful based on trade market, industry.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen-DenmarkDanish capital Copenhagen’s climate and environment is suitable for living in. The metropolis populated with of almost 2 million residents. Copenhagen is the center of the economy of Denmark. Copenhagen has rich history, gorgeous culture and traditions and concentrated political powers. Copenhagen is a wonderful place not only for its citizens but also for its tourists.

Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington-New-ZealandWellington is a famous city among the cleanest cities of the world. Wellington is located on the North Island, New Zealand and populated with almost 400,000 people, which is really small comparing to the other capitals. Many natural beauties like the clean streets, mountains, coast, the green spaces; this all is highly attractive for living in. This is tourist favorite place for passing their leisure.

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki-Finland-neat-cityWe know Finland is one of the most beautiful Nordic countries in the world. Helsinki is located in the Gulf of Finland. This island determines Finland’s scenery as colorful and green piece of heaven. 1.1 million People live in here for its beauty and suitable environment. It is an important city of Finland for its great economical and financial power.

Oslo, Norway

It is the cleanest places in the North-European continent. Oslo obviously is praised for all its continual efforts to shrink the pollution. Vigeland Park, Noble Peace Centre, the Royal Palace was built in the middle of the 19th century some famous and of course beautiful place for the tourist.

Freiburg, Germany


Freiburg is a beautiful city where you can find green hills surrounding whole city like a green fence. It is also called eco-city for its natural resources. Because of having many famous universities, natural beauty, Mountain View, fresh air definitely Freiburg is a favorite for tourist.

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