This secret tomb is built inside a hill in central China. The king’s grave is surrounded by poisonous mercury. So far no one has succeeded in setting foot on this place.

In this tiny chapel 10 divine teachings have been written down. These teachings are written on a wood named ark acacia. The wooden piece is overlaid with gold. Only a priest can go near it.

This shrine in Japan dates back to 4th century BC. Only members of the royal family, priests and priestesses can enter into the shrine. From the period ranging from 7th-14th century women of the Saio family were the head priestesses there. A strange fact about this place is that based on Shinto philosophy of death and rebirth, the shrine is demolished and re-built in every 20 years.

Indian Government has banned people from visiting this place. Around 400 men and women of Sentinel tribe live here. If someone tries to go there, they rain arrows on them.

This deadly place is located 93 kilometers away from Brazil’s ‘Sao Paulo’ in the ocean. 1 To 5 snakes crawl within an area of 1 square meter. Anyone who tried to come here, lost his life to snake bites.

This cave is famous for ancient paintings. The 2000 cave paintings are 17,300 years old. There are mainly animals paintings. In 1963 owing to high visitors count inside the cave, access carbon-dioxide was created. It ruined the paintings, so the Government banned entry of people.

Area 51, is also officially known as Groom Lake or Homey Airport. This secret place is located in central Nevada. The National Security Archive of George Washington University got hold of a document linked to CIAs U-2 Detective Aircraft program. As per the document during Vietnam war, lots of conspiracies were hatched in this place. According to some rumors Area 51 is house of UFOs.

Mejgore is a town in Russia. People are not allowed to go there. Only who are working for the secret research carried out here, are permitted to enter this town. This town is situated at a height of 5,381 feet. American satellite shot tons of pictures of excavations happening at the site.

North Sentinel Island9
It’s also called  Bureau 39, Division 39, or Office 39. One of the secret services offices of the dictatorial government are located in this place. There are so many secret places here, that no one can tell what actually is going on inside. Lots of drug trafficking, and money-laundering activities are carried out in this place.

North Sentinel Island10
It’s a Royal Air Force (RAF) station which delivers communications and intelligence support services to the United Kingdom and United States of America. The site holds a large-scale satellited ground station and is a communications intercept and missile warning site. Tons of terrorists networks, drug smuggling, and related information is collected at this site. It’s a high security area – no one is allowed entry.