That baby doesn’t have a big bottom.

That girl isn’t carrying her boyfriend.

That is not a tiny man riding a woman off into the sunset

That kid doesn’t have REALLY long arms.

That man is not sliding down the river.

That’s not a baby with a man’s head.

That’s not a big man with a tiny head.

That’s not a boyfriend hugging his girlfriend.

That’s not a dog commuting to work.

That’s not a lady-dog spending her afternoon fishing

That’s not a magical giant kneeling on the water.

That’s not a mystical, floating lady.

That’s not a one-headed monster.

That’s not a zebra centaur woman. I think.

That’s not an alien horse.

That’s NOT an extremely provocative woman.

That’s not Liev Schreiber with really pretty legs.

That’s not REALLY a convertible.

That’s not the pose that you think it is – the girl on the right isn’t in the air

That’s not what you think it is in the mirror…