japan's education

For the first three years there is no test to assess, what a child knows and what he has learned. Most important is his habits and behavior in the class.

japan's education2
Getting admission in a school is mandatory for every child. That is why Japan’s literacy rate is 100%.

japan's education3
Almost 46% children go for university or college education without doubt. Education department strictly monitors Course, Textbooks, Classrooms of each class.

japan's education4
Schools are run in three sessions on a yearly basis. School session is from April to March. The learning time is 6 hours – and it’s fixed. Children do homework and learn other things in the alloted hours.

japan's education5
In the school there’s no provision of bus or van service for children. Kindergarten pick-and-drop is done by parents. When children grow-up they either walk to school or go by bicycle.