Tags have turned digital with Nokia Treasure Tags. These tags are a one-time solution for lost keys, wallets, bags and other objects. Do you tend to forget objects at home? Attach a small (30 X 30 X 10 mm) square tag to the objects you habitually forget at home.

After attaching these tags can be joined-up with Nokia Lumia phones updated to Lumia Black software, a version compatible with this offbeat invention. Nokia Treasure Tags are teamed up easily via Bluetooth or NFC. Fist time pairing will urge you to download the relevant app, and you’ll be amazed how quickly you get going.

You can couple upto 4 tags with the phone. Each tag can be distinguished with a distinct icon that may reflect the object it is joined to, or can have an image displaying the object. A loud beeping sound emanating from the phone and the tag, will warn you if you’re about to leave your home without one of the objects.

If you completely skip the beep from one of the objects, they can be traced to their final location on the map via HERE maps, assisting in pinpointing the lost object.

nokiatags5Nokia Treasure Tags will go on sale in April, at a cost of $30, and will come in four colors (yellow, white, black, cyan).