Land Rover Discovery
The new Land Rover Discovery is a break from the norm—it’s a fresh design which will redefine a futuristic look of Discovery.
If we go by the announcements it’ll not be a simple substitution of existing Discovery making a few small tweaks here and there—like the style they adopted in case of Range Rover Evoque.
This time the Land Rover company is coming up with a class-apart concept comprising ‘pioneering technology’ evolved and designed by Land Rover’s Advanced Research unit—a thing never seen before.

Chevrolet Corvette
The soon-to-arrive Chevrolet Corvette is again an unorthodox concept—a u-turn from the earlier concepts like the Z06, that was more a track-focused version.
Rumors are abuzz that Chevvy will soon come up with a Coupe version having a non-removeable hard-top which will make it a muscle-car-cum-GT hybrid.
This car will have the latest technology like a HUD plus large-screen media interface.

BMW M4 Convertible
BMW M4 Convertible is likely to attract the most fans. Having already unveiled the M4 Coupe a while back the Convertible is all set to make its appearance at the New York Motor Show.
The power of the new version will remain unchanged—it’ll hold a win-turbo 3-litre engine that’ll generate a massive 425bhp. You’ll get two options to pick from—a six-speed manual or seven-speed dual-clutch M-DCT transmission run by the paddles at the rare of the wheel.
The star-feature of the car is going to be the roof—retractable in 20 seconds at 11mph speeds, whereas if you lower the roof you’ll be foregoing 50% of boot space.

Toyota FT1
Toyota is unveiling a beautiful concept car—the Toyota Supra
Toyota presented to the world a gorgeous concept car—the FT-1 that’s being hogging the limelight onwards of Detroit of this year.
Toyota accepted straight-away that FT-1’s design was targeted at the same segment as Supra’s, but there’s no certainty when the production will start.
Sported by a heads-up display with steering wheel spiced with the kind of controls, that even an Apollo spacecraft cannot match—Toyota looks to create something like the FT-1.

Subaru Outback
Outback is more of a plodder—a reliable car for country life like the Defender and this time Subaru is going to get a facelift.
Quite a lot of tweaks are visible in the front grill and the bodywork has also been substantially revamped. Imitating their road-based cars albeit a lot more muscular Outback has the maneuverability of a car whilst from the core it’s a true-blue SUV.

Chevrolet Corvette
In this year’s New York Auto Show, that’ll get underway a week from now, world’s top car makers will showcase their new babies plus some of the hottest concepts like an avant-garde Land Rover Discovery or the new Toyota Supra.

Top-line motors you should watch out for in the coming week are: