Main responsibilities and requirements of home health aidesHome health aides help to care for individuals who are living in their own homes and want help from a person in all types of daily living tasks and activities .These people are known as companions, caregiver or attendants. These home health aides help with all types of household chores and assignments. The people who are in the profession of home health aides should be patient, tactful, emotionally stable, understanding and ready to help those who need it anytime. The main users of this facility are elderly people, injured people or people with mental or physical disabilities. The main educational requirements and duties of a home health aides are discussed here:

Educational Requirements:

Although there is no certain federal or state requirements for home health aides as each home health agency sets its own regulations and gives on-the-job training to its employees. The major part of aides are high school graduates without having post-secondary education. The on-the-job training provides information on different policies and procedures for home health aides, protocols of care and information on dealings to handle emergency situations. There are some people in this area that are certified. The certified program is obtained by completing a 4-6 months training .There is an exception as the National Association for home care and hospice provides a voluntary certification in home health aides.They may get training for basic medical services.

Personal Care Duties:

Home health aides help the patients to do all types of activities of living. This involves personal care responsibilities like bathing and dressing, using the toilet, movement from one place to another, doing medically recommended exercises etc.

Medical Duties:

Medical DutiesSome of the home health care aides help the patients in completing the medical procedures like managing oral medications, changing any type of dressings and noticing the frequency of urination. This facility generally is offered by certified nurses and if they do not have certification then provision is made for their training by certified nurses.

Household Duties:

Household chores are also done by home health aides. If they are taking care of a woman who has children then it can also include child care. Some aides also have the provision for transportation as they take the patient outside when required for walking and buying some necessities.

Work Environment:

The environment of every home is different and home health aides have to adjust according to the individual’s living standard. The aides should understand that they may have to work at odd hours to give patients 24-hours care. To deal with such situation, some health care agencies make arrangements for rotating shifts and weekend shifts.

Advocacy Duties:

home health aidesAdvocacy duties imply to provide emotional support to the patient and his/her family. This has to be done by them as they spend most of the time with the family and are the first one to notice any problems or serious condition getting arisen in the patient’s state. The home health aide should also make ensure that they give the right amount of privacy and independence to the family and the patient.
Health benefits, vacation, sick-leave and pension plans are also available to home health aides according to the agency by which they get the job. The wages differ as per the location and the job description .